Beach Balls

‘Siesta’ time, not that either of us are having a siesta. It’s just too hot out there in the afternoons. We shall lie low for a couple of hours and relax in the shade awaiting the sun to drop a little.

We spent the morning on the beach. At one point, Sylvia wandered off and returned, looking triumphant. She’d bought a beach ball! Yes, something of a naturist cliche, something we’ve written about before. Nonetheless, here she was with a beach ball she huffed and puffed into for a good five minutes until fully inflated.



The beach ball has been constant prop in naturist photography since the birth of naturism. It’s what we naturists do, apparently.



I have to say it’s something I’ve never done, not even with the children, until this morning. Yes, we’ve bought a small football for them to play with, but never a beach ball. Just too much of a cliche.




Beach balls have long been used to hide certain parts, genitals, in naturist magazines. schonheit beach ball



Sylvia decided we should play with a beach ball and effectively act out the theme portrayed in so many photographs. I have to say it was quite fun, although I’m not one for drawing attention to myself, so it was odd to be, for a little while, the centre of many people’s attention.

Fortunately, some children decided they’d like to play too, and their parents joined in, so eventually there was quite a crowd of us, all unknown to each other, just throwing and kicking a ball around.







ella bb1_001bc

ella bb2_001bc

ella bb3_001bc



I hopped onto the Marketplace and grabbed a nice set of beach ball poses, from Nani, for L$50.

I should also point out that, as I reported last week, it’s now time to tie my hair back on a breezy beach, so I got this hair from Entwined at an IDK event today. While these poses don’t necessarily do it justice, don’t worry, you’ll grow familiar with it over the next 10 days 🙂

I just know that this week is going to push boundaries further and further, all Sylvia’s fault. I go about my naturism quietly, Sylvia is a bit more in-you-face. I’m looking forward to it, and dreading it, in equal proportions.



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