Carry on frolicking up the nudist camp

This post may go away over some people’s heads! It’s a Brit thing.

In the 1960s, there was a movie franchise in the UK called ‘Carry on‘. The films still receive regular airings on British terrestrial TV even now and, regardless of people’s age, we Brits simply love them. They’re based on our bawdy, risqué ‘seaside’ sense of humour and the dialogue is packed with double entendres.

I’m too young to remember them in the cinemas, and it’s doubtful that someone would make such a movie today, but I know them well from their outings on TV. There will almost certainly be a ‘Carry on’ season every year on BBC or ITV, the main Brit TV channels.

The films made household names of many of the actors. For those who know The Beatles’ work, John Lennon references one of the actors, Charles Hawtrey, at the beginning of ‘Two of Us’ on the ‘Let it Be’ album. That’s how much the people involved percolated into everyone’s, even John Lennon’s, life.

The films also nudged in the direction of nudity. Nothing was revealed, not so much as a nipple, but for its time, for a strait-laced British public, it was ‘edgy’. One film, Carry on Camping, even involves a bit of naturist camp activity, wherein two of the actors involved take their girlfriends to a cinema to see a movie about a nudist camp, and then decided they need to try that in real life. Of course it all goes wrong, but there’s a lot of nudist cliche involved…playing with beach balls, dialogue that refers to ‘frolicking’ and ‘romping’, words only (still) applied to naturists by a lazy media.

In another, British actress Barbara Windsor ends up in a sort of bikini/outfit, I’m not sure what I’d call it (see the photos below).





Where’s this all leading?

Butterfly Effect have some group gifts available. A nice set of red underwear, a bikini and…the outfit I’m modelling below. (originally sourced via the Second Life Freebies and More blog)

pookes babs windsor2_001b


See what I mean? 🙂

I can practically hear someone saying ‘ooooohhhh…..Matron!‘, a phrase originally coined in the Carry On franchise (specifically ‘Carry on Matron‘) and now back in popular British use when someone innocently says something that has some sexual innuendo attached. (see a selection of British ‘saucy’, double entendre filled postcards below)









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