Postcards from Spain: Pushing the envelope

ella and sylvia_B001-001b_PES_20150621


I mentioned SL to Sylvia last night and all of a sudden our plans were dashed. She was fascinated by it and wanted to know all about it, so what was initially planned to be a meal in a restaurant turned into us ordering in pizza, opening a bottle of wine (ooh! my head this morning!) and me explaining SL, this blog, everything!

I find that there are two types of people in the world when introduced to SL. Those who immediately love the idea and those who are almost derisive about the concept (while simultaneously reaching for their iPhone to play Candy Crush).

I explained how I’d cast her as an avatar, and the only thing she didn’t really like was how she should be portrayed in SL. She wanted ownership of the avatar. So the avatar I invented some weeks back, Eve Bear, has now been given away to Sylvia and we spent most of the evening tweaking the avatar as to how she wishes to see herself portrayed in SL. I expect we shall see some further changes before we return home.

Before I’d revealed SL to her we’d been out in the car. I’d driven to the nearby town and we explored it a bit. Sylvia managed to spot a jewellery store where they were selling belly chains, so we each bought one. I’ve said before how I love these things, and it seems that Sylvia likes them too.

This morning, feeling delicate, we both woke before sunrise and I made tea, which seemed to help a lot and I said how I loved to go for a walk first thing in the morning, so we determined that we’d maintain my holiday tradition. Usually, when I’m here with my family, I walk alone first thing in the mornings. My routine is that I often have a T-shirt on and flip-flops and I just wander a short distance on the shoreline. Sylvia, being Sylvia, decided we should do things differently this holiday.

‘Naturist means naturist’, she said. So no flip flops, T-shirts or anything else, other than keys to let us back into the apartment.

We tip-toed across the road near our apartment and out onto the beach. The sun was just coming up, and it felt a little chilly to begin with. The naturist beach isn’t strictly defined as to where it starts and stops, but those of us who are regular holidaymakers here sort of know where the official beach ends. But not for Sylvia! When I reached the point where I thought we should turn, Sylvia marched on, so we ended up in uncharted naturist territory for me, pushing the envelope of what is the official naturist area. By now the sun had peeped out of the Mediterranean Sea, it was beginning to feel warmer, and it felt good to be out that early, making the most of the day. We ended up walking the full length of the naturist beach in both directions. Again, I would usually just walk a few hundred metres to the naturist hotel and back.

Just while we’re on the topic of belly chains…Fab Free has an item set out at the moment with free mesh jumpsuits (with a hud to change the colours)


Part of that package is a ‘belt’. By ditching the jumpsuit itself, and just wearing the ‘belt’, you have instant belly chain as modelled by Sylvia (below).

belly chain2_001b


I’ll be back with more postings later today, but should I forget, there won’t be any SLN postings from Spain tomorrow. We’ve signed up to a bus trip to the Alhambra Palace, which sets off early and returns late, so I won’t have the opportunity to blog on Monday. Tuesday is St. Juan’s night, so the beach bars will be offering entertainment and there will be bonfires on the beach, so no posting that night, although I’ll certainly try to post something during the day on Tuesday.





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