Summerfest ’15



Summerfest ’15 began earlier this week. For the first couple of days the sim was full whenever I tried to teleport into it. I got in today, but it’s exceptionally busy and lag-hell, so I only looked at a few items. I’ll try it again when people have filled their boots.

What I did see is the gorgeous beach wrap photographed below. More expensive than I’d usually pay, at L$325, but it’s so true to life that I just had to have it.

ella beach wrap_001b ella beach wrap2_001b


As the breeze picks up in the afternoons here in Spain, it’s the sort of thing that would be ideal to wear until the wind mysteriously dies down later in the evening, and then it feels hot again.

And now: a gripe!

I don’t normally like to moan; if a place or thing doesn’t excite or interest us, we simply don’t blog it, and we try to keep the blog positive. But look closely and you’ll see that it’s not a perfect fit, and only comes in one size that is designed for a specific type of (mesh?) body. You can see this in the top photo in particular, with the back, shoulder and side seams not fitting correctly. This is the second time recently that I’ve bought stuff where it wasn’t made wholly clear that it was designed for a specific mesh body.

This is my shape, and one I’ll be keeping. I do not want to be railroaded down the route of mesh bodies yet because they’re too damned expensive and don’t have enough flexibility in how you can tweak them, in my opinion. I simply don’t like them. I don’t want to use them. Come to that, I’m not wholly enamoured with mesh clothing either, which often seems ill-fitting.

It’s designers’ prerogative to design for whatever mesh shapes they want, but for goodness sake we do need them to be clearer, upfront, that ‘this is designed specifically for x mesh body shape’. Not doing so it dishonest. Had I known, despite loving the design, I wouldn’t have spent my linden dollars on it because I want to look like me, not the shape body designers imagine I want to be.


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