7 Hills: An introduction

Today I righted a great wrong…and joined 7 Hills. As a naturist location, it has been going in SL maybe longer than I have (although there was a period where it was taken down, then re-established).

I have no idea why we’ve never covered 7 Hills before, or why I’ve only just got around to joining. There’s no real excuse. Because it is one of the genuine naturist sims.


7hills ella_001b

Ella near the 7 Hills entrance point

I can only surmise that, when I first went to it, it was largely geared towards a German audience, and as I recall there were few English speakers using it. That’s not a fault of 7 Hills. It’s only correct that the birthplace of naturism should have a strong presence in SL. Now, there are English speakers around, although not speaking German shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it.


7 hills sylvia 3_001b

Sylvia goes riding

I’m currently exploring and photographing it, and I want to do an extensive report on it in the next day or two.

7 hills sylvia 4_001b


Animals and Ella haven’t mixed well since an unfortunate incident with a donkey on Camber Sands in 1981

It has a nice feel to it, and I suppose a German styled layout -from old castle to lake/beach.

7 hills sylvia 5_001b


Sylvia with Bernd, the 7 Hills gardener

7 hills sylvia 6_001b


Sylvia with Adam, the 7 Hills boatman

More photos and a report to follow in the next day or two.



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