How drunk did I get, Sylvia?

Oh, my goodness! 😦

How drunk was I?

I don’t really get drunk. I like a glass of wine (singular) with a meal from time to time. We sometimes pop open a bottle on a Friday night while I’m logged in and we enjoy Sunshine’s ‘world music’ at Commune Utopia. So that’s a couple of glasses at most, enough to make me ‘tiddly’. That’s my limit. I don’t go beyond it.


I’ve also done St. Juan’s night before and certainly run naked into the sea at midnight, like so many other people, many of whom would not identify themselves as naturist. But it’s a big night in this part of the world, and there is much drinking and partying going on.

I’m repeating myself in what I’m about to say, but it’ll save you prowling the archives…at midnight, on St Juan’s night, you throw a pebble over your shoulder into the sea, turn around three times and then walk backwards, naked, into the sea and your wishes will be fulfilled.

I’ve done it in the past. I did it again last night. However (the Sylvia influence!) we ended up in a hippy beach bar with a band, world music and reggae playing on the sound system, the heady odour of ganja in the air, and very strong Mojitos!

Bonfires are also lit right along the beach.

As they die down, people run and jump over them. Sometimes naked people run and jump over them. I’ve no idea if jumping over the fire provides an extra layer of luck, dressed or naked, but lots do it.

And this year….yikes!!!…drunk!!!…it was my turn! Naked.

As I say, I’ve previously undressed and taken a midnight dip, but as soon as I’m out, the clothes go back on. This year was so very different it’s almost as if it wasn’t me.

On exiting the sea we (Sylvia was in too) decided not to dress. We weren’t alone. There were a few naturists (or non-naturists who’d simply gone naked, it’s very much a time for greatly diminished inhibitions even by non-naturists) at each bonfire on the beach. So far, so good.

We weren’t dressed in much to begin with. Just sun dresses we could throw off and on, in anticipation of our midnight dip. Sylvia says I simply handed her my dress and then I ran and jumped over the fire!

I wasn’t alone. Others were doing that too, so at least I have the knowledge that this wasn’t an entirely solo performance.




The sign on the beach says it all…’Paradise, 0 kms’

Sylvia took photos. When I wandered back over to where she was she handed me the clothes, instructed me to take photos (I was still unaware she’d taken photos of me at this point) and leapt over the dying fire herself while I snapped away.

I’ve seen the photos this morning. Blurred in some, and taken on my digital compact. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten to bring the cable that connects the camera to the computer with me, so I can’t upload any of these until I get home.

Still, the bonfire photos should (eventually) give you a flavour of how it was on St. Juan’s night. To replicate the events of last night, I’ve done one (at Su Casa) to capture an SL replicated flavour of it all. I have to say the flamenco music was excellent and went beyond 100am. By the time we left, still naked and now in a strict minority of two, the party was still in full swing.

ella bonfire st juan_001b

This morning, I’m a bit hungover (a relatively rare, and certainly not recent experience) but also a bit, secretly thrilled to have done something like that.

We’re not off to the sea for our early morning dip this morning. Only after we exited the sea were we informed there was an algae bloom in the water, with no swimming permitted until Saturday, because it causes respiratory issues and cold-like symptoms. So if I’m not posting next week, or later this week, you know it’s because I’ve been laid low by sickness



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