Yoga in nature

Being pale northern Europeans, prone to burn under fierce sun, my routine is to take it slowly. Yes, it’s counter-intuitive to fly all this way for the sun, then keep out of it, but it’s important not to damage the skin, so I tend to take a ‘two days on, 1 day off’ approach to the beginning of each holiday. Of course it’s impossible to completely refrain from being exposed to it, but today has been the day where the swimming pool has been our exposure to it, in short bursts, and then mostly in the shade thereafter.yoga_001b

It’s also the day when I find that the excitement of a holiday finally catches up with me. There’s a sea to swim in, pools to enjoy, beaches to walk, all as nature intended, and it’s a case of pushing things. Day three is the great collapse…a couple of late nights…too much to drink 😉 …the sapping heat of the sun… so it’s the day of rest and recovery.


I did venture onto the terrace where I did spot a mature woman, maybe around 50 years of age and in perfect shape, in the urbanisation next door, doing a yoga routine on the grass. It was a sublime scene. A communion with nature, in nature. Perfect.

This is why I’m a naturist. In harmony with the world around us, like so many others who enjoy the lifestyle.