I’ve been avoiding you…

Sorry. On Spanish expeditions I usually try to do a few SL related posts and reflect what I’ve seen in RL naturism. The simple truth is I’m having a whale of a time and not really getting into SL.





The thing is…if Sylvia takes photos of me from afar, and demands I upload some of them, then it’s only fair it works in reverse. Yes? So here she is by the pool. Keen eyed avatar watchers will have observed that her tattoo is on the other side of her tummy to that which I added to her avatar, but it’s Second Life, it’s a compromise, and that there’s some evidence of (as I said earlier in the week) ‘five o’clock shadow’ 😉

We’ve just been swimming. It’s midnight. It’s warm. It’s wonderful.




Hot, hot, hot!





Hot, hot, hot, so your editor is in the pool rather than playing SL! 🙂 Sylvia took the photos. She was waving at me, she says, but without my glasses I’m as blind as a bat. 🙂



Two scenes from real life to relate this morning, neither of which I can really portray in SL.



The first is three generations of family by the pool. Grandmother, mother and two children.

I can only assume that Grandmother has maybe been naturist for much of her adult life, and it’s something she taught to her daughter, who in turn is passing it to her small children. What joy grandmother has brought into her daughter and grandchildren by being so open, and passing on the simple pleasures of naturism. Such a natural and loving scene!

The second thing I’d like to share this morning is an observation about how naturism makes you younger. Fresh air, exercise, healthy eating…all aid this to give you a feel good factor. But one of the adjacent apartments has a middle aged couple in it. I watched this morning as both came back from the beach, fully nude, and then began towelling themselves down before dressing on their balcony, obviously to get into the car and go out.

Nude, they looked youthful, full of energy and life. As their clothes went on, I reasoned that the layers began to age them both, and whereas nude they appeared full of vigour, dressed they were suddenly drab, the lady appearing ‘Mumsy’ and sad, the gentleman appear dressed in a style away beyond his years.

When they returned with shopping, both came out onto the balcony once more and stripped. As if by magic, a decade or more fell from their ages.

There’s a lesson there. It’s often said that the cares disappear with the clothes. In this couple’s case -in all of our cases- the clothes and the years get stripped away.