I’ve been avoiding you…

Sorry. On Spanish expeditions I usually try to do a few SL related posts and reflect what I’ve seen in RL naturism. The simple truth is I’m having a whale of a time and not really getting into SL.





The thing is…if Sylvia takes photos of me from afar, and demands I upload some of them, then it’s only fair it works in reverse. Yes? So here she is by the pool. Keen eyed avatar watchers will have observed that her tattoo is on the other side of her tummy to that which I added to her avatar, but it’s Second Life, it’s a compromise, and that there’s some evidence of (as I said earlier in the week) ‘five o’clock shadow’ 😉

We’ve just been swimming. It’s midnight. It’s warm. It’s wonderful.




One thought on “I’ve been avoiding you…

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