Careful with the naturist cooking!


With almost guaranteed good weather, some people like to cook outdoors. I don’t mean just a barbecue, I’m talking about proper cooking hobs they’ll cook with, not just incinerate meat 🙂

Thus it was when we were talking to neighbours. Spills and splashes, along with nudity, are not a good mix, so one of the ladies I know was working at her outdoors kitchen wearing an apron. Sensible lady!

Which reminded me…

Plausible Body have a wide range of outfits available, and they work on the basis of ‘open price’ -essentially pay what you wish for a range of clothing. The apron I’m wearing is from their ‘French Maid’ outfit.

I then dashed over to Depoz, which has a range of kitchens (and bathrooms, and bedrooms, and lounges) set out for you to see how they might best fit your home. Some of the equipment has poses so you can actually looks as if you’re cooking, eating, etc.

Careful with that naturist cooking! There are tender places that are best not exposed to splashes and burns.