Hooray! After an algae bloom that closed the beach for a week, it was re-opened today and we got into the sea at last, tramping backwards and forwards between our sunbeams and the water. Exhilarating might be the word I’m looking for here.


This evening, we went for a couple of drinks in one of my favourite beach bars. I’m not sure if it’s a full moon tonight. If it’s not, it’s tomorrow. So a beautiful starlit sky was filled with constellations and a bright moon as we ordered Mojitos, then more Mojitos. We were a bit tiddly. 🙂 Nothing like last week and jumping over bonfires, but I knew alcohol had been consumed as we kicked off our shoes and dabbled our feet in the cool sand.

It was also a warm night, so we didn’t need to wear much, just flimsy sundresses (and ‘going commando’ is very much a holiday thing anyway at night).

The sea was illuminated with the moon dancing on it, and we decided that a little night swimming was in order. Nudity is very much part of this beach bar’s daylight culture anyway, so no one really batted an eyelid when we slipped out of out clothing (Sylvia also have persuaded a Dutch couple and a Spanish local guy) to join us.

It was thrilling and invigorating to do that at midnight 🙂



The picture (above) almost exactly replicates the scene. Yes, we did take photos but no, they didn’t come out at all well, just blurs of moonlight rippled on a black background without human form evident. 😦

It was rather wonderful, though 🙂 Probably we’ll do more of the same tomorrow. I wonder if we can improve the photos so that a sense of someone, anyone, is possible?


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