Fire dancing



After our swim I spotted some friends, so I’m marked with an ‘x’, talking to them



The same friends, also keen St.Juan’s skinny-dippers, follow us back up the beach follow the midnight dip (four people, two groups of two, heading for their clothes)


The shadowy figure just beyond the fire is me 🙂


One of the advantages of coming back to the same place again and again is that you get to know people who know people 🙂 We’ve been able to borrow some cabling in order to access our photos. Hardly worth the wait…as they’re drunken blurry photos and, thankfully maybe, I’m not properly visible in the ones above (or any others…it was one of those nights where shaky hands ensured blurry photos. Still, they hopefully capture a bit of the midnight atmosphere last night.




Meanwhile back in rainy old England….

pookes carola skirt_001b


I’m not jealous, Sylvia and Ella. No, not one bit!

It’s sunny and warm today back in the UK, but nothing as lovely as Spain, I expect.

I have been giving thought to my own wardrobe for my own holiday later in the summer, and the Carola skirt, a free gift at Addams (sourced via SL Freebies & More) is the source of skirt many ladies wear to the beach, removing it the instant they get there.

I prefer not to have to cover up, but many ladies do, even briefly. So if this is your sort of ‘to the beach’ wear, check out the link.


You know what I was saying about ‘not back to the 70s’? Hold that thought!

Sylvia and I have been lazing around the pool today, popping in and out of the water as it periodically became too hot to sit in the sun anymore.

Sylvia remarked as a woman approached the pool area, ‘I thought you weren’t allowed to wear anything in the pool’.

‘That’s right’, I replied, ‘full nudity is expected’.

‘She has bikini briefs on’, Sylvia continued.

Except…she didn’t! It was a full-on 1970s bush.

intimate garden_001B

This reminded me that, prior to using ‘Nearly Tactile’, I wore ‘Initimate Garden’, which is still available on the Marketplace, for those who might like to adopt that 70s look.



How drunk did I get, Sylvia?

Oh, my goodness! 😦

How drunk was I?

I don’t really get drunk. I like a glass of wine (singular) with a meal from time to time. We sometimes pop open a bottle on a Friday night while I’m logged in and we enjoy Sunshine’s ‘world music’ at Commune Utopia. So that’s a couple of glasses at most, enough to make me ‘tiddly’. That’s my limit. I don’t go beyond it.


I’ve also done St. Juan’s night before and certainly run naked into the sea at midnight, like so many other people, many of whom would not identify themselves as naturist. But it’s a big night in this part of the world, and there is much drinking and partying going on.

I’m repeating myself in what I’m about to say, but it’ll save you prowling the archives…at midnight, on St Juan’s night, you throw a pebble over your shoulder into the sea, turn around three times and then walk backwards, naked, into the sea and your wishes will be fulfilled.

I’ve done it in the past. I did it again last night. However (the Sylvia influence!) we ended up in a hippy beach bar with a band, world music and reggae playing on the sound system, the heady odour of ganja in the air, and very strong Mojitos!

Bonfires are also lit right along the beach.

As they die down, people run and jump over them. Sometimes naked people run and jump over them. I’ve no idea if jumping over the fire provides an extra layer of luck, dressed or naked, but lots do it.

And this year….yikes!!!…drunk!!!…it was my turn! Naked.

As I say, I’ve previously undressed and taken a midnight dip, but as soon as I’m out, the clothes go back on. This year was so very different it’s almost as if it wasn’t me.

On exiting the sea we (Sylvia was in too) decided not to dress. We weren’t alone. There were a few naturists (or non-naturists who’d simply gone naked, it’s very much a time for greatly diminished inhibitions even by non-naturists) at each bonfire on the beach. So far, so good.

We weren’t dressed in much to begin with. Just sun dresses we could throw off and on, in anticipation of our midnight dip. Sylvia says I simply handed her my dress and then I ran and jumped over the fire!

I wasn’t alone. Others were doing that too, so at least I have the knowledge that this wasn’t an entirely solo performance.




The sign on the beach says it all…’Paradise, 0 kms’

Sylvia took photos. When I wandered back over to where she was she handed me the clothes, instructed me to take photos (I was still unaware she’d taken photos of me at this point) and leapt over the dying fire herself while I snapped away.

I’ve seen the photos this morning. Blurred in some, and taken on my digital compact. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten to bring the cable that connects the camera to the computer with me, so I can’t upload any of these until I get home.

Still, the bonfire photos should (eventually) give you a flavour of how it was on St. Juan’s night. To replicate the events of last night, I’ve done one (at Su Casa) to capture an SL replicated flavour of it all. I have to say the flamenco music was excellent and went beyond 100am. By the time we left, still naked and now in a strict minority of two, the party was still in full swing.

ella bonfire st juan_001b

This morning, I’m a bit hungover (a relatively rare, and certainly not recent experience) but also a bit, secretly thrilled to have done something like that.

We’re not off to the sea for our early morning dip this morning. Only after we exited the sea were we informed there was an algae bloom in the water, with no swimming permitted until Saturday, because it causes respiratory issues and cold-like symptoms. So if I’m not posting next week, or later this week, you know it’s because I’ve been laid low by sickness



7 Hills: An introduction

Today I righted a great wrong…and joined 7 Hills. As a naturist location, it has been going in SL maybe longer than I have (although there was a period where it was taken down, then re-established).

I have no idea why we’ve never covered 7 Hills before, or why I’ve only just got around to joining. There’s no real excuse. Because it is one of the genuine naturist sims.


7hills ella_001b

Ella near the 7 Hills entrance point

I can only surmise that, when I first went to it, it was largely geared towards a German audience, and as I recall there were few English speakers using it. That’s not a fault of 7 Hills. It’s only correct that the birthplace of naturism should have a strong presence in SL. Now, there are English speakers around, although not speaking German shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it.


7 hills sylvia 3_001b

Sylvia goes riding

I’m currently exploring and photographing it, and I want to do an extensive report on it in the next day or two.

7 hills sylvia 4_001b


Animals and Ella haven’t mixed well since an unfortunate incident with a donkey on Camber Sands in 1981

It has a nice feel to it, and I suppose a German styled layout -from old castle to lake/beach.

7 hills sylvia 5_001b


Sylvia with Bernd, the 7 Hills gardener

7 hills sylvia 6_001b


Sylvia with Adam, the 7 Hills boatman

More photos and a report to follow in the next day or two.



Two sets of eyes are better than one

jj pubes_001b

whisper pubes 5_001b


Whisper pubic hair from Posh Tales (L$50 marketplace)

jj pubes_001b

jj’s pubic hair L$0 Marketplace

Two sets of eyes are better than one. Or maybe it’s because I’ve established my look that I’m less aware of certain elements of avatar ‘design’. Sylvia has experimented with SL for much of the afternoon, and now she’s getting a hang of the controls I decided to introduce….the Marketplace!

Of course, within a couple of minutes she has unearthed the two items shown above, for wear down below 😉

Not only to both look fantastic, they’re very, very affordable. One prices at just L$50 and the other is absolutely free!

(For photographic purposes I did ask Sylvia to remove her avatar’s clit ring.

Incidentally, these groomed, trimmed but still visible styles of pubic hair are what we’ve been seeing this week.

When I set Sylvia’s avatar up initially I added a nipple ring to the avi (once again true to RL). An afternoon on SL’s marketplace has led her to change this to a bar. I’ve been explaining a little of the ‘SL replicates RL’ concept of SLN at times, and she has decided that the reverse can also be true. Tomorrow, apparently, we’re off in search of a tattoo/piercing parlour to see if she can swap her RL nipple ring for a RL nipple bar.

I did say it would be a different, interesting, and ‘hold on tight’ sort of week.


A stunning looking girl!

Sylvia and I went onto the roof terrace of our apartment this afternoon and put up a parasol, allowing us to duck in and out of the sun as we saw fit.

We’re overlooking the pool area to the next urbanisation, and both of us were leaning over the wall up there, taking in the traffic passing by. And there, by the pool, sunbathing on the grass was a striking, stunning beautiful young girl in her early 20s, we reckon.

Head shaved to one side, deadlocked at the other, with a deep, all over tan apart from a lighter tone around her lower half which showed us that, when not on a naturist holiday, topless sunbathing is certainly a part of her summer routine. She also had a naturally beautiful and innocent looking face and we both commented on how wonderful it would have been to be that naturally beautiful at that age, the sense of confidence that may well have come with it.



Those in the depth of a depression brought on by my earlier posting and the re-appearance of pubic hair take heart: this girl still maintains a daily routine with a razor.


Postcards from Spain : St Juan’s Day

He, I know not why, shewed upon all occasions an aversion to go to Ireland, where I proposed to him that we should make a tour. JOHNSON. “It is the last place where I should wish to travel.” BOSWELL. “Should you not like to see Dublin, Sir?” JOHNSON. “No, Sir; Dublin is only a worse capital.” BOSWELL. “Is not the Giant’s-Causeway worth seeing?” JOHNSON. “Worth seeing, yes; but not worth going to see.”
                                                                                                                                                    Boswell: Life of Johnson

After yesterday’s coach extravaganza – I’ve spent less time in one crossing Belgium – I’m glad to say we’re back in the resort and have spent the morning on the beach, soaking up the sun.

The Alhambra Palace is stunning! Every corner is splendid, and it was a tough call to put the camera down (I have 430 photos on my memory card, apparently) and soak up the atmosphere. It is absolutely worth seeing, one of those things to definitely have on the bucket list, but not worth going to see. At least, if you’re starting from here.

We had a 600am wake-up for a 700am coach ride which seemed to take forever. The negatives of that were more than made up by the palace looming into view in the distance, which was an awesome experience, one of life’s ‘wow!’ moments. All we had on the way back was the promise of our beds, and the opportunity to throw off the clothes after an exceptionally long and sticky day.

I challenge anyone who wasn’t naturist to have undertaken that trip yesterday and not yearn to be rid of shoes, bras, slacks, whatever. We both had the top half of our clothing off on the walk from the bus drop off point to our apartment. Full nudity would surely have taken place too had it not been awkward to have been walking with an armful of clothing.

It was a joy to get up this morning and experience the chill of pre-sunrise, a sense of cool and comfort after yesterday’s time in a coach.

Down to the beach for an early morning swim. Chilly while getting in, marvellous when finally in, and then a breakfast and a return to the beach for a couple of hours lazing on the sun beds for hire. For us, the middle part of the day is far too hot to lie in, so we’ve come back to the apartment for some rehydration and relaxation in the shade.

Sylvia remains transfixed with the world of SL. While I thought I undertook a reasonable reflection of her current look, she has determined she should take ownership of the avatar and ‘tweak’ it a bit. Currently, it’s an exercise in me sending her landmarks and her then spending her own linden dollars on a slew of things. I think I’ve created an SL addict! Of course, I think we all began SL with an ‘addiction’ phase, logging in at every opportunity.

She has promised to model a variety of looks a little later.

One of the things that she has already bought is….wait for it!….pubic hair! Yes, the woman who has been keeping it bare down there for 10-15 years has purchased pubic hair for her SL avatar. The reason for this is because, as the holiday progresses, it’s absolutely clear and certain that naturist women appear to be abandoning the razor in increasing numbers.

Of course, I’m not talking about a ‘back to the 70s’ look here, although we’ve actually seen one or two of those as well. But it’s absolutely apparent to us that pubic hair is slowly being resurrected. I imagine that is not a view that some readers may wish to contemplate.

Pubic hair does tend to thin with age, and it’s noticeable that those remaining resolutely depilated are more mature women. As the link says, ‘For some women, however, the thinning of the pubic hair can be very disconcerting. Women may feel that their genitals are more exposed and visible’. 

I have to say that this -regardless of my age- was a prime reason for never having fallen under the spell of the razor. To go ‘bare down there’ almost certainly would have left me feeling a bit more ‘exposed’. Perhaps I’d have become used to the look and never given it another thought. Another reason for me not going for a full bare look was there have been occasions where I’ve gone for ‘the bikini line’ (because I’ve been on textile holidays, and because I go to a swimming pool, and didn’t want stray hair from the bikini briefs or swimsuit) and I found that to be an itchy experience best not repeated. At the time, getting a swimsuit whose shape wasn’t cut for ‘trimmed’ or ‘bare’ was a tough job, although I’ve since found an online source of more ‘retro’ swimwear with a cut that best suits a 1950s style of pub grooming (i.e none! 🙂 )

Sylvia won’t mind me saying that she’s keen to keep up with fashion trends, and so the razor, applied religiously as part of her shower routine each day so far, did not make an appearance this morning!

While some bushes are no longer being trimmed 😉 others have been cut well back. I’m speaking of the shrubbery around the urbanisation, leaving many gardens much more open than was previously the case. This has had the benefit of us falling into conversation with some of the neighbours previously hidden behind high hedges. These are now at waist height, and allowed Sylvia to converse with a Belgian couple who live a couple of doors away, and whom I’ve nodded to and smiled at for several years without being able to hold a conversation.

sylvia fence_001b

Shrubbery cut down has allowed Sylvia to engage in some animated conversation with our Belgian neighbours.

Note that she is developing a look of her own.

Tonight is St.Juan’s night, bonfires on the beach, nude midnight swimming (including by those who would not categorise themselves as naturist), music and drunken revelry. We’ll be there and I’ll be reporting back on that tomorrow.





Summerfest ’15



Summerfest ’15 began earlier this week. For the first couple of days the sim was full whenever I tried to teleport into it. I got in today, but it’s exceptionally busy and lag-hell, so I only looked at a few items. I’ll try it again when people have filled their boots.

What I did see is the gorgeous beach wrap photographed below. More expensive than I’d usually pay, at L$325, but it’s so true to life that I just had to have it.

ella beach wrap_001b ella beach wrap2_001b


As the breeze picks up in the afternoons here in Spain, it’s the sort of thing that would be ideal to wear until the wind mysteriously dies down later in the evening, and then it feels hot again.

And now: a gripe!

I don’t normally like to moan; if a place or thing doesn’t excite or interest us, we simply don’t blog it, and we try to keep the blog positive. But look closely and you’ll see that it’s not a perfect fit, and only comes in one size that is designed for a specific type of (mesh?) body. You can see this in the top photo in particular, with the back, shoulder and side seams not fitting correctly. This is the second time recently that I’ve bought stuff where it wasn’t made wholly clear that it was designed for a specific mesh body.

This is my shape, and one I’ll be keeping. I do not want to be railroaded down the route of mesh bodies yet because they’re too damned expensive and don’t have enough flexibility in how you can tweak them, in my opinion. I simply don’t like them. I don’t want to use them. Come to that, I’m not wholly enamoured with mesh clothing either, which often seems ill-fitting.

It’s designers’ prerogative to design for whatever mesh shapes they want, but for goodness sake we do need them to be clearer, upfront, that ‘this is designed specifically for x mesh body shape’. Not doing so it dishonest. Had I known, despite loving the design, I wouldn’t have spent my linden dollars on it because I want to look like me, not the shape body designers imagine I want to be.



blue string2_001b


blue string4_001b


One thing you will…not often but occasionally… witness at RL naturist beaches is a tell-tale string that informs us that the woman ‘wearing’ it is having her period. I confess that, were I to be, um, ‘stricken’ with my period during a holiday I would not be going nude on a beach while ‘wearing’ a tampon. The bikini briefs would go on for the time in which I was having my period. But that does not appear to be a bar to naturism for some women, who will readily sunbathe and swim (in the sea, I’ve never witnessed a woman having her period use a swimming pool while wearing that tell-tale string).

In SL tampons are available -see the photos above- but it’s not something that I’ve ever seen spoken of, in any circumstances.

It would appear that it’s something we don’t wish to even consider in real life…


‘People are perfectly happy to see women as sex objects, but the actual biology of our bodies is apparently gross and unmentionable.’

I wonder if it’s something that we, SL’s women, should be speaking about more openly.

Let’s face it: all women of child-bearing age menstruate each month. I reckon there must be a good 25-30%, minimum, of all SL avatars then suffering each month. If we can have avatars that urinate or ejaculate, why not women who menstruate? After all, we want to enhance the reality of SL at every turn. Or do we? Is it taboo for SL and something left back in RL?

For many women, ‘the time of the month’ is very much a time of mood change, almost invariably negatively. Again, I’ll confess it’s not something that has particularly ever laid me low, in terms of pain or mood, but I’m one of the lucky ones. Other women do experience a negative frame of mind, feel awful, or are consigned, if not to bed, then to the sofa with a hot water bottle pressed against themselves.

The worst symptoms of menstruation, for me, are a kind of….how can I explain it…’hanginess’, a listlessness, a feeling of physical tiredness and mental exhaustion by day’s end, plus a ‘dullness’ I can’t explain. Sometimes that would affect my desire to play SL. Yep, sometimes I just don’t feel like it.

We’re very often very upfront and open in SL about, well, everything! I’ve been in (local chat) situations where avatars will readily open up about all manner of intimate issues. Sometimes, you know these will have never been discussed with their significant other in RL. But despite this, I’ve never once heard an SL avatar say ‘I’m logging out because it’s that time of the month and I’m not in the mood to make my avatar dance, or chat, in SL’. Maybe we should. Maybe it’s time for SL’s male avatars to realise that, for some, that time of the month does affect our mood to play, does affect our desire to even be in a virtual social situation. Sometimes, maybe it should be OK to log in, listen to the music feed and watch others dance without feeling a need to participate.

I note that there’s a group which can indicate that it is that time of the month….


…but I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone wear that group tag.

It’s something becoming less visible in SL, as if it’s a taboo. In the past, on my travels, I’ve picked up this…


…and this…



…and occasionally a ‘rest room’ would have a dispensing machine that dispensed them (usually free). I’ve not done a definitive sweep of all of SL, obviously, but a quick hop around the grid demonstrated it’s now seemingly nigh on impossible to obtain sanitary products. I tried the Marketplace…

talking tampon

Not any more gross than a talking tummy for a pregnant avatar

…and did find the product above, as well as similar ones to that I’ve picked up in the past (and are photographed above). But in all of SL, there appear to be maybe half a dozen products that reference something that affects the women controlling SL’s female avatars.

It would be interesting if someone was to wear a tampon, as in the photographs at the top of the page, and see how long it took for a male avatar to pick up on, or how they would react to it. I’m guessing the reaction would be similar to that experienced by the Village Voice’s readership twenty tears ago, a recoil of horror. Male avatars happy to treat females as sex objects, but a little less keen to acknowledge biology.