Straw Hats

I think we’ve established over the past week that Ella’s preferred form of headgear is a baseball cap 😉

In naturism, for men and women alike, a straw hat, of sorts, is also a popular choice. Men can be seen out wearing nothing more than a straw panama and a smile, while the ladies will equally enjoy some shade in their eyes with straw hats in various styles.

Thanks to Amiable, I’ve been able to buy a straw hat for my forthcoming holidays, although in real life I tend not to pack one and pick some cheapie up in the resort I visit. A straw hat would have a tendency to arrive looking battered.

No such problems in SL for this item, though.

straw hat_001b


Vital for keeping the sun out of your eyes and off your head. (Hat first seen via this Fab Free post)





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