The holiday is over…


All good things come to an end.

There will be no time to enjoy much naturism today. The shower is running, and Sylvia’s already in there. The kettle is boiling, and I’m making us tea before I, too, need to hop into the shower and then -worst of all- dress for our flight home today.

baggage claim_001b


Reports from home suggest it’s warm and sunny, so I think I’ll take the chance of wearing shorts and a tank top for the flight, even though even they feel like being overdressed.

No further holiday reports from me on SLN today or tomorrow (I have a little washing to do 🙂 and most importantly get caught up with the family)


After that it’s going to be a thinking of my next break, with the family, in September. We’ll pick up the usual SLN postings over the weekend (when I’ll still probably be in a vacation frame of mind).

I’ve had a ball, and we’ve managed one or two new adventures (and made a new SL enthusiast in Sylvia into the bargain!).

If you’ve not had your summer vacation yet, be sure to enjoy them. I’ll see you all back here at some point on Saturday.



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