Cute, summery freebies from Sweet Temptations

While Ella’s holiday may be behind her, I’ve still got mine to look forward to, so I’ve been assembling this year’s wardrobe, in and out of SL.

One thing I have packed is a pair of light, airy pants, something I prefer as evening wear over sundresses. Something similar can be found (L$0) at Sweet Temptations.

pookes summery2_001b


A gorgeous pair of voluminous pants, which is paired with a denim jacket. I wouldn’t be taking a denim jacket on holiday, so I lost that 🙂

pookes summery3_001b

In real life I’d be trying to match it with an equally oversized top, kaftan-like, for wear to and from the beach, should the mood strike me. I have to say that I do have an advantage over Ella in that my self-contained naturist destination has an on-site supermarket so it’s possible to wander down there, or to the beach, without having to dress so 24/7 naturism is possible (and I’ve lived that before, going five days without having anything on, until we decided to take a bus trip to a nearby historical site).

While at Sweet Temptations I discovered they also had dance animations, free, which I also picked up (but which photos don’t do justice) as well as a free male AO. Even though it’s ostensibly for a male, I found it worked quite well on my avatar too.

pookes summery4_001b


Just a couple of weeks until I go, wifi is debatable in the chalet, so my contributions may be limited.



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