Hats & Sun



I think it was established last week that, yes, I do like to use a baseball cap as my preferred method of keeping the sun out of my eyes and off the top of my head when on holiday. In the pool, shading my eyes has additional advantages in that I can see the blurry shape of other swimmers. Without my glasses I’m almost in guide-dog territory, and anything that can identify that there is someone else swimming near me is enormously helpful. Half-blind, and squinting into the sun reflecting off the water, we’re looking at me swimming into other people. The baseball cap assists a little. I can identify people shapes. 🙂

When I got home I realised I didn’t own a baseball cap in SL, so I’ve rectified that.

baseball cap_001bc


I also picked up the straw hat from Amiable that Pookes blogged last week.

starw hat_001b

It’s not any use to me in the pool, but will still keep the sun off the top of my head. And this is a point I can’t stress too highly. The sun can be very strong, not just in sun-sea-sand destinations. Even a hot sunny day in your typical northern European or US/Canadian border town can be damaging at this time of year, so if you’re out in it, factor appropriately and cover your head. Sun stroke and heat exhaustion can be dangerous. Spanish radio was reporting last week that even Spanish citizens, more used to the heat than I, were collapsing in the streets as temperatures reached 40 degrees. Cases of skin cancer are rising, so it’s clear what long-term exposure to the sun can do. Be careful out there and enjoy your holiday, wherever you’re going.


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