Back in the groove

After a week’s holiday, following a week’s holiday, I’m back.

Yes, post-holiday blues kicked in and it has taken me over a week to motivate myself regarding the blog or getting into SL. It was actually an interesting lay-off. When I check the blogs on a daily basis it can seem that there’s not much happening out there in SL-world. Take a week off, check the blogosphere and the amount you’ll have missed is testament to how active and vibrant SL is on a daily basis. It’s certainly interesting to see how much -even in holiday season- SL’s people are writing & photographing & philosophising about our world.

ella parkland_001b


I’ve got a busy Saturday morning coming up in RL, but after that my weekend diary looks largely free, so I’m hoping to get plenty of inworld time, and also catch up on some blogging before Sunday night is through.

One thing we’re all looking forward to is the Hair Fair, which starts tonight. As usual, it’s likely to be jam-packed with goodies and people, so I can’t promise I’ll even get in until some time next week when the first rush of avatars head over to it. Hair Fair is an important SL fund raiser, as it raises awareness and cash for ‘Kids with cancer’ charities, and money raised goes to buying them wigs as they undergo chemotherapy. It’s an event we always try to support. I hope, once you can get in, you will too. I’ll write more about this over the weekend.



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