Some freebies

We’ve got a number of items that aren’t strictly naturist, not strictly…anything! But we like these currently available freebies, so Pookes & I have jammed a few items together in what is, admittedly, a bit of a mishmash, but it helps ‘clear the decks’ of bitty posts, and get me back into a posting frame of mind. Pookes is away for the next couple of weeks and I hope she has a great holiday. While not ‘naturist’, the items are with a vacation in mind, so most of what follows could well pass muster in your suitcase (naturist or textile).

I like rings. I often think, as a married woman, that my avatar should sport a wedding ring, but I’ve never yet found one I like, that fits, that is obvious. As a result I don’t wear one, but the instant I find one I like…on it will go.

ella ring_001b


Still, this turquoise ring is obvious and fits properly, so I’m sending out props to The Vintage Touch, who have it set out as a SLF&O offer (Second Life Frees & Offers). Thanks to the Second Life Freebies & more page for showing this. Of course, a ring can often be one of those things we’ll see in a artisan craft store, something unique and which we won’t see at home, and often we’ll buy something like this, or a necklace. I know my jewellery box contains several items like these. Not particularly valuable in monetary terms, but loaded with memories of a place, a holiday. Trying on these things will always instantly transport me back to a holiday destination.

pookes paige outfit_001b


The next outfit, something light and cool for when you’re invited out for an evening meal, would be this ‘Paige’ outfit, the group gift for July from FA Creations. Not really my RL (or SL) style, but Pookes was enamoured enough with it to pick it up. (L$0 group join free). By coincidence, the ring I’m wearing would perfectly complement Pookes’ outfit.

I spoke earlier today about the Hair Fair. They have their own blog site here, which explains the background to the event, now in its 10th year! My recollection of previous years is that there isn’t much ‘free’ at it, but it does always offer the chance to get some really cool new and sometimes unique items. I would encourage you to go to it. It runs from July 11-26, and the numbers attending will have settled down in a few days to allow you to gain entry to it. In the early days it’s often very much a case of finding the sim full and, once in, laggy due to the numbers attending.

Over on the Marketplace, Pookes also found (for L$0) an Aztec Top. This is our sort of summer style when clothes are required, and I suspect I’ll pop onto the MP later to pick up a copy for myself.

pookes fringed top_001b


barbara hair2_001b


Above, Barbara is wearing a new hairstyle she has enthused about. From Y Diva, it’s a free group gift and described by Barbara as ‘entirely suitable and fashionable for older avatars. It’s a modern cut but doesn’t make me look as if I’m trying to be an age I’m not’.

Barbara has also been at Legal Insanity where the current group gifts are his & her towels.

towel barbara_001b

towel barbara2_001b


Both convey a sense of ‘drying off after a skinny dip’, and again these are items I’ll probably try and pick up some time later today. (Both hair & towels sourced via the AMQS blog)


Ella & Pookes & Barbara


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