I was rummaging around the boards and spotted that Kirablog SL had a look called ‘Ella’. Well, I couldn’t not, could I?

Even better that this boho look is very much the sort of holiday wear I will pack. The crop tops, the long skirt….they’re all me.

I don’t spend huge amounts in SL but I made an exception for a L$120 skirt and L$90 top to give a lovely bohemian look that would fit right in if I were on holiday.

luas dress ella2_001b


The outfit is available from ‘Luas’ at the @indie teepee sim.

I also took the opportunity to visit the main Luas store. While there I spotted this low, low cut dress for a mere L$60, and decided that, too, could go into my virtual suitcase for the next holiday.

luas dress ella_001b
It’s probably not clear from the photo but it’s so low cut that, well, you’ll need to sort out your bikini line first, girls 😉 Perhaps not quite the thing for, say, Frank’s Jazz Place? Or perhaps it’s exactly right for there! Who knows?

I’m back into the groove of blogging now, and I’m pleased to say that we’ll be getting back to what we do best, SL naturism, after a brief foray into ‘the naturist wardrobe’. A few posts were rolled up into one yesterday, to get the clothing out of the way, and now it’s back to our chosen lifestyle whether in or out of SL.



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