Kimonos and bow ties

Reading the blogs yesterday (I can’t remember which one!) I saw mention of the Sou by Creation jp event. It’s one of those increasingly popular ideas whereby a bunch of designers do ‘pop up’ stores for a while and share space & costs for a limited period.

I tp’ed over there and looked around and saw a L$0 bowtie on the Happy Dispatch stall, bearing the word ‘Lewd’. Not, strictly speaking, something that’s in my lexicon, but grabbed it anyway. Who knows when it might come in handy for a Hallowe’en fancy dress party?

lewd ella bowtie_001b


Initially I had difficulty in buying it…’wrong active group’. I thought it might mean joining Happy Dispatch, so I teleported over there and fun, nope, no luck in joining the group to buy the bowtie. Eventually I twigged that you join the Sou by Creation jp group, on the wall of their event, to pick this up, so if you’re planning a Hallowe’en outfit already, or if you’re a guy looking for something slightly different for your tux…now you know.

All was not lost at the Happy Dispatch sim, though. I chanced upon a free ‘kimono’ pose, which is actually a series of couple poses. I liked how they looked natural and not-forced, so Mr. Keng was forced to come online to pose beside me.

jimella kimono pose1_001b

jimella kimono pose2_001b

jimella kimono pose3_001b

jimella kimono pose4_001b

jimella kimono pose5_001b

We look relaxed in the photos, which is something that isn’t always true of SL poses. Some can look a bit awkward but I like the stands, the hand placements and so on which made for a nice photo session. You’ll find this free pose set at Happy Dispatch’s own sim (slurl above)



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