SL Blogger Support

Becky (Canary Beck) has a survey out on SL Blogger Support, as well as her own website, about the challenges facing bloggers and how SL Blogger Support can assist with those.

I’ve submitted a survey, and I have to say that I don’t really see many challenges as regards our blogging. As we’ve got a mix of RL naturism and SL naturism, and a way in which to twist and turn RL naturist events into SL ones, there’s always events to cover and re-imagine for SL.

It also helps that, as a lifestyle blog, we’re sort of semi-detached from many other blogs. Sure, we do cover a bit of clothing, hairstyles and ‘naturist accessories’ but in the main we aren’t blogging the same stuff as many others. If ‘clothes maketh the man’, then hair perhaps maketh the naturist avatar complete and, with a different hairstyle, something unique and ever-evolving. See Pookes for details on the value of a freshened up look through the possibilities of different hair! 🙂

I commented that one of the challenges I face is that I’m always disappointed in our photography. Certainly, Hugh & Diane appear to have software that can enhance photographs, but that’s not my forte, and if there’s one thing I’d like to do with the blog is to make my own photos a bit more ‘lively’ and not look so flat & one dimensional.


Hugh & Diane’s photographs can often look much more imaginative than mine!

Another thing that seems to be part of SL Blogger Support is a chase for readers. No, not everyone is number chasing (including ourselves) but no one wants to blog into a vacuum. It’s nice to have a readership, even if the blog’s traffic can be measured on the fingers of one hand. Fortunately, with 600-700 views on an average day SLN doesn’t really have that problem. People are viewing the blog. I don’t really care if this dips to a couple of hundred in a day, and I’m not chasing some magical number – oh, if only I could get 1000 views a day!!!. I’m not really that bothered by a numbers game. I see the blog’s purpose as getting information about RL & SL naturism out there. That’s it. If some RL naturist thinks ‘ooh, virtual naturism to indulge in in winter time’ and joins SL, well that’s good. If some virtual naturist decides that ‘ooh, it’s all rather wholesome and non-sexual, I think I’ll join a naturist club’, well, that’s good. If some pervert sex-maniac determines that ‘ooh, naturism in the real world sounds rather dull and non-sexual, I’ll confine my surfing to porn sites and SL locations where people want to bump pixels instead of that boring lot’, even better.

What I will say to you is that blogging is great fun, and if you’ve got an idea that you’d like to pursue, go for it! SL Blogger Support is a wonderful repository of information that just might help you get your idea off the ground.



More free hair for mature avatars

Reader Audrey writes to say she was inspired by Barbara’s ‘hair suitable for mature avatars’ post last week, and that she has found a free, group gift hair at Beusy that she thinks works well. I agree.

mamma edens pearl_001bc


I’ve check it out and it appears it comes with a hud that allows you to change the style to a variety of colours.

mamma edens pearl2_001b

You’ll find this, marked as a June group gift, at Beusy’s.


Public Health Announcement



Sometimes it feels like we’re treated like children in the UK, the government acting in a manner that’s sometimes referred to as ‘the nanny state‘.

We’re grown ups. Many of us can make our own choices in life based on common sense. Granted, common sense isn’t that common a commodity around the globe. I don’t expect the government would be issuing ‘Public Health’ posters with naturism high on its agenda, but if they were…the photo above might well serve as the advice.

I was intrigued to see if the government have issued advice on the sun and….yes, they have! Consider this: someone in the UK civil service is getting paid a good salary to churn out this sort of thing. Ludicrous, in a way. Can’t people think for themselves? The answer is either ‘no’ or ‘the government don’t think they can’ (which is a sad indictment on how a self-styled, self-regarding elite regard ‘the great unwashed‘)

Have a great summer, if you’ve not been on vacation yet, and remember to protect yourself from the sun.



The male thong: why?

hugh thong_001b

Hugh is still a relatively new SL player, and as such I still tend to point him at any male group gifts I come across on my travels. One such LM offered recently was Faboo, who do swimwear, and one of their group gifts for guys is a thong.

hugh thong2_001b


Hugh found their L$1 male thong amusing, and I have to say that, SL or RL, I agree. Because if your swimwear reaches this level of ‘skimpy’, it begs the question ‘why bother?’

I’m not criticising Faboo. I think they’ve brilliantly captured the accuracy of such RL swimwear. They, like so many other great SL stores, simply reflect the stupidity of fashion in the real world. I do see these in RL from time to time, and with a bottom essentially fully on display, and genitalia almost fully displayed in outline, it would surely be more comfortable to simply go fully nude. Granted, there are circumstances where you may not be on a nude beach, and this offers the closest to nude you can manage without breaking the rules, but why lie sunning yourself on a beach adjacent to a naturist beach, or even on a C-O beach, in this?

We all know what a penis looks like. Indeed, if you’re wearing this we have a damned good idea what yours looks like, despite an expensive bit of cloth a quarter of the size of a handkerchief covering it. I can only imagine how uncomfortable -front and back- such an item must be to wear. Ditch the thong, fellas. It’s time to embrace naturism if you’ve caught yourself lingering over this sort of thing in a clothing store.