Public Health Announcement



Sometimes it feels like we’re treated like children in the UK, the government acting in a manner that’s sometimes referred to as ‘the nanny state‘.

We’re grown ups. Many of us can make our own choices in life based on common sense. Granted, common sense isn’t that common a commodity around the globe. I don’t expect the government would be issuing ‘Public Health’ posters with naturism high on its agenda, but if they were…the photo above might well serve as the advice.

I was intrigued to see if the government have issued advice on the sun and….yes, they have! Consider this: someone in the UK civil service is getting paid a good salary to churn out this sort of thing. Ludicrous, in a way. Can’t people think for themselves? The answer is either ‘no’ or ‘the government don’t think they can’ (which is a sad indictment on how a self-styled, self-regarding elite regard ‘the great unwashed‘)

Have a great summer, if you’ve not been on vacation yet, and remember to protect yourself from the sun.



4 thoughts on “Public Health Announcement

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