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Becky (Canary Beck) has a survey out on SL Blogger Support, as well as her own website, about the challenges facing bloggers and how SL Blogger Support can assist with those.

I’ve submitted a survey, and I have to say that I don’t really see many challenges as regards our blogging. As we’ve got a mix of RL naturism and SL naturism, and a way in which to twist and turn RL naturist events into SL ones, there’s always events to cover and re-imagine for SL.

It also helps that, as a lifestyle blog, we’re sort of semi-detached from many other blogs. Sure, we do cover a bit of clothing, hairstyles and ‘naturist accessories’ but in the main we aren’t blogging the same stuff as many others. If ‘clothes maketh the man’, then hair perhaps maketh the naturist avatar complete and, with a different hairstyle, something unique and ever-evolving. See Pookes for details on the value of a freshened up look through the possibilities of different hair! 🙂

I commented that one of the challenges I face is that I’m always disappointed in our photography. Certainly, Hugh & Diane appear to have software that can enhance photographs, but that’s not my forte, and if there’s one thing I’d like to do with the blog is to make my own photos a bit more ‘lively’ and not look so flat & one dimensional.


Hugh & Diane’s photographs can often look much more imaginative than mine!

Another thing that seems to be part of SL Blogger Support is a chase for readers. No, not everyone is number chasing (including ourselves) but no one wants to blog into a vacuum. It’s nice to have a readership, even if the blog’s traffic can be measured on the fingers of one hand. Fortunately, with 600-700 views on an average day SLN doesn’t really have that problem. People are viewing the blog. I don’t really care if this dips to a couple of hundred in a day, and I’m not chasing some magical number – oh, if only I could get 1000 views a day!!!. I’m not really that bothered by a numbers game. I see the blog’s purpose as getting information about RL & SL naturism out there. That’s it. If some RL naturist thinks ‘ooh, virtual naturism to indulge in in winter time’ and joins SL, well that’s good. If some virtual naturist decides that ‘ooh, it’s all rather wholesome and non-sexual, I think I’ll join a naturist club’, well, that’s good. If some pervert sex-maniac determines that ‘ooh, naturism in the real world sounds rather dull and non-sexual, I’ll confine my surfing to porn sites and SL locations where people want to bump pixels instead of that boring lot’, even better.

What I will say to you is that blogging is great fun, and if you’ve got an idea that you’d like to pursue, go for it! SL Blogger Support is a wonderful repository of information that just might help you get your idea off the ground.



3 thoughts on “SL Blogger Support

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  2. First, thank you for completing the survey and sharing it with your readers! Early survey results show that some respondents would like us to post articles and resources that support more lifestyle blogs, like yours. I’ve always had plans to include specific articles that delve into making blogs better from a quality perspective, not just quantity of page views – so good watch that space. Many of the articles have focused on driving traffic, because that is the number one problem faced by the bloggers of our audience, so it makes sense to focus there to start with. With that said though, readers have spoken and you’re not alone in wanting more photography help, so I’m confident there will be more posts related to that subject in the future. My full report will be out next week. Thanks again for participating in the survey, Ella!

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