The male thong: why?

hugh thong_001b

Hugh is still a relatively new SL player, and as such I still tend to point him at any male group gifts I come across on my travels. One such LM offered recently was Faboo, who do swimwear, and one of their group gifts for guys is a thong.

hugh thong2_001b


Hugh found their L$1 male thong amusing, and I have to say that, SL or RL, I agree. Because if your swimwear reaches this level of ‘skimpy’, it begs the question ‘why bother?’

I’m not criticising Faboo. I think they’ve brilliantly captured the accuracy of such RL swimwear. They, like so many other great SL stores, simply reflect the stupidity of fashion in the real world. I do see these in RL from time to time, and with a bottom essentially fully on display, and genitalia almost fully displayed in outline, it would surely be more comfortable to simply go fully nude. Granted, there are circumstances where you may not be on a nude beach, and this offers the closest to nude you can manage without breaking the rules, but why lie sunning yourself on a beach adjacent to a naturist beach, or even on a C-O beach, in this?

We all know what a penis looks like. Indeed, if you’re wearing this we have a damned good idea what yours looks like, despite an expensive bit of cloth a quarter of the size of a handkerchief covering it. I can only imagine how uncomfortable -front and back- such an item must be to wear. Ditch the thong, fellas. It’s time to embrace naturism if you’ve caught yourself lingering over this sort of thing in a clothing store.


2 thoughts on “The male thong: why?

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  2. Interesting read. A couple years ago we went on cruise and chose a I day shore excursion to a topless beach resort. Wife and I decided I would wear a thong which we purchased and yes not cheap but felt and looked cheap. Get there, it was not that topless, only a few and all the guys are wearing baggy shorts to the knees. So the thong definitely stood out, got lots of looks and stares.Went for a dip and it became even more uncomfortable, was riding up my ass and chaffing around the seams. So I just took it off and laided with my wife totally nude. Yes it got a few more looks and stares but not as much as the thong and I was far more comfortable. BTW, no one said a word, maybe a penis on the beach is not that dangerous after all.

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