Waitress Service

Swank has another of those multi-designer events that are seen with greater frequency these days, where a bunch of designers combine to effectively produce a pop-up mall.

I love these events, and I love this free gift from the Heart Homes stall.

Yes, a tray of Margaritas, complete with a holding animation.

waitress service_001b_PES_20150714


This was taken at one of Howie’s ‘soirees’, where it’s open house at his place and friends and fellow travellers & friends can ‘catch up’ every once in a while. We’ve used these irregular occurrences as SLN ‘staff meetings’ in the past, where any of us have been online, and I invariably friend another fellow naturist at one of them.

Waitress service with cool cocktails in the sea at sunset? Life probably doesn’t get any better than this.