I’ve just popped into the blog to write up a new blog entry and….I’ve got distracted.

This blog attracts about 800 views per day. Some days, a thousand. Some days, 500. But 800 is an average sort of views per day.

Imagine my surprise, then, to see this…



Hmm…some kind of wordpress error? The little graph usually indicates the up & downs of the daily traffic. Looks like I’m flat apart from a bit of activity earlier. I should investigate further…

….which is what I decide to do.

Imagine my surprise to find this…



17,289 views today? As in Seventeen thousand???

And on further investigation…



15,993 from South Korea???? Even more intriguingly, 31 from China, an area of the world which, as far as I’m aware, we’ve never had any traffic from before. SLN reaches most parts of the world, apart from China, Iran, North Korea and a few countries in Africa. As you can see from the other stats…the numbers probably stack up to about 600-700 of our usual views at this time of the day.

China, I can’t begin to fathom why SLN suddenly has outreach there, but to anyone viewing, welcome to SLN, 您好,欢迎和喜爱,从我们这些在SLN, 您好,歡迎和喜愛,從我們這些在SLN. And to those of you in South Korea, SLN에서 우리의 것과 안녕하세요, 환영과 사랑

I have no idea what these figures mean, or why we’ve suddenly become popular in South Korea. Welcome and best wishes from us at SLN all the same.

I know Becky & SL Blogger Support are doing posts on blogger outreach but…this is kind of crazy! 🙂



Edited to add….further investigation shows that over 11,000 views have originated from a site called iibe.com

The site’s in Korean, so I’ve no idea what they’re saying about us 🙂


7 thoughts on “What??????????

  1. That’s totally wild, Ella! Congratulations though, and welcome to all your new Asian fans! 😀

    Would love to know if you ever solve this mystery, but your average daily views are fantastic as is, well done building up such a great following! ♥

  2. I can only imagine we’ve featured on a Korean TV show or something, Ever. Or their news bulletins. There’s no other reason to explain something as crazy as this!

    I’m also intrigued as to why, almost four years after the launch of SLN, why China -previously tightly closed to us (apart from Hong Kong)- also features.

    And yes…you and I may sound like Captain Kirk beaming down to a planet’s surface, Ever, but we come in peace, don’t we? We’re just one big SL family, and anything that promotes our virtual world and shows us to be peace loving people not interested in political ideology or dogma is ‘a good thing’.

  3. Ah! Source of the spike (maybe) solved! We have, on occasion, published photos of ‘political leaders and figures’ in states of undress, usually with the exhortation that they should be more upfront about naturism, supportive of it, whatever….

    Not necessarily to say ‘here I am on a nude beach with my family’ but more in a sense of ‘I fully support naturists’ rights’. On analysis, it would rather appear that the scramble for the blog is for nude photos of political leaders…. 😦

    That doesn’t explain WHY there’s such a sudden interest in this site as a source of them (and, as we’ve said all along, several are photoshop or ‘fake’ photos, which we’ve used to nudge -more in hope than expectation- politicians to publicly acknowledge naturism as a validly wholesome lifestyle).

    It would rather appear it’s a scramble for obviously fake photos of politicians, rather than a scramble to join in with the SL naturist lifestyle 😦 Still, here’s hoping some of those who’ve viewed the site (we already have a healthy, regular South Korean readership) will join SL as a result.

    It still doesn’t explain why SLN has become ‘THE’ source of these photos for a South Korean public.

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