Denial of service attack?

Thanks to Vanadis, who has pointed out that the current, ongoing, interest from South Korea in this site may be a ‘denial of service’ attack from arch-conservatives in that country.

Today has begun with figures that demonstrate continuing interest in SLN, and one thing we can be sure of is that it’s possible it’s not for ‘virtual world interest’ reasons or, indeed, wholesome naturism.ddos-attack

I have a back up blog in place in case this site is attacked and should suddenly go down or disappear. We’ll continue as before should there be ‘issues’ that become apparent in the hours and days ahead.

We often think of ‘conservatism’ as being the sole preserve of, say, elements within Islam or fundamentalist Christianity, people whose idea of freedoms being the right to express their definitions of freedoms while denying the same right to others. Not exactly democratic, is it? I would never have imagined that South Koreans would be reacting to a site like this, a niche lifestyle blog within the context of a niche online game (let’s face it: SL is someway down the table from even some of those Facebook games like ‘Candy Crush’). Isn’t this type of action more in keeping with what we might expect of their northern compatriot, Kim Jong-Un?

Essentially, we just re-locate. An attack will, ultimately, achieve nothing (if it is, indeed, such an attack, although Vanadis’ links would suggest that this is probably the case). We’ll simply return, elsewhere, and continue as before. Well, maybe not exactly as before. 😉







5 thoughts on “Denial of service attack?

    • 250 so far, Finn, from South Korea. But by my reckoning, it’s 10pm there (as of 1pm in the UK). But most of the hits yesterday came in my afternoon, i.e. overnight in South Korea, so it remains to be seen if this anomaly has passed, or if we’re in for another wave of ‘views’. Usually, South Korea might register single figures each day as views to the site.

      250 still remains a spike in S.Korean viewing figures.

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  2. South Korea is still providing a surprising number of hits. What I have been able to discover is that it’s the ‘Angela Merkel’ photographs, which aren’t Angela Merkel, which have caused this sudden interest. It appears that a S.Korean site has published censored photos of these, citing us as a source of uncensored photos (which are just as freely available all over the net) and this has been a source of interest. Sadly, the Korean site with censored photos doesn’t make clear that we know the subject of the photos isn’t Angela Merkel.

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