Editorial: Fewer posts of late

I’ve been asked why SLN’s posting regimen has been cut back to ‘weekends only’. There’s two reasons. One, as the mother of growing children who are on their summer holidays from school, my time is very limited, but in a good way, as we fill our days doing things like scrambling over rocks on beaches, looking in rock pools, looking for sticklebacks (no, we’ve not seen one yet, but it’s a memory of my childhood summers) and not being slaves to computers, television or technology. We’re in the process of photographing things for our ‘summer collage’, and gathering stuff from the beach -bird feathers and so on- to accompany it. After a morning of ‘adventure’ we’ll head back to the car and even if it’s pelting down with rain we continue our adventuring with a picnic lunch which has been tucked into our adventure bag (a rucksack), then we’ll take our shoes and socks off and, regardless of how warm/cool it is, have a paddle in the Irish Sea (or are we at the point where it becomes the north Atlantic?). I have to confess that I’m loving every minute, so SLN goes on the back burner for a bit, although I am trying to play catch up at weekends with the blog.


The second reason is that I’ve had a few minor health niggles of late. Nothing serious, but it has required me to be back and forward from the doctor’s surgery and hospital a few times in the past couple of weeks. There have even been one or two injections in my hip…and I’m amused that (as the children have to come along with me) a nurse will try to usher them out so they don’t see my bottom while the injection is being administered. ‘It’s OK’, I should tell them, ‘we’re naturists’. I should tell them. I don’t, on the basis that British society has become so screwed up, so amateur-Stasi, that the possibility is that a nurse could tell social services, who would turn up at my door demanding to know why I go nude in front of my children, like it’s not entirely, boringly normal. Am I being over-cautious? I don’t think so. A child’s casual remark to ‘authority figures’, such as a teacher, can see children removed from their parents and placed into care.

Anyway…clambering around rock pools (and, no, I don’t fill in a risk assessment form before we do so) and more injections in my hip are the landscape for the next few weeks, so SLN will largely remain a weekends-only exercise until September. It’s important the children get to see rock pools while they can. The way things are going, they’ll be fenced off because someone might fall and hurt themselves by the time they’re adults. The Great Outdoors will be closed to the public. We’ll be able to experience it virtually anyway, and be guaranteed to see a stickleback. Our experiences will be reduced to being second-hand. Our real lives may eventually become a kind of Second Life experience. And I’m saying that only semi-facetiously.



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