‘Named Person’ scheme

In case anyone imagined I was being grumpy in a post about zealotry and over officious people in the previous post, guess what? I was! 🙂

There’s a reason for this.

It’s called the ‘Named Person’ legislation a woefully inept an inadequate Scottish Nationalist Party wish to introduce here. Under this proposed legislation, every child in Scotland would have to have a ‘Named Person’ until the age of 18 to cast an eye over their welfare and, maybe, inform the appropriate authorities if something was amiss.



Yes, there are vulnerable young people out there in Scotland, as anywhere else, but this scheme takes the biscuit.

I’m not going to hide my contempt for the SNP. They are vile. Most political organisations with ‘National’ in their name are vile. National Socialist American Labor Party (US)? National Socialist Movement (US)? National Front (UK)? British National Party (UK)? Front National (France)? A host of other global contemptible, odious organisations? All banded together by that ‘national’ word in their title -Neo-Nazism as defined by the original bunch, Germany’s National Socialists –the Nazis. Each and every one a far-right, racist, homophobic, anti-semitic organisation.

The SNP wouldn’t cast themselves accordingly, but scratch the surface and their mob mentality is laid bare, as seen in the run up to Scotland’s failed independence poll. Parties opposing independence had their offices daubed with swastikas and the letter ‘q’ (for quisling, i.e ‘collaborator’)

As The Daily Telegraph link (above) rightly says…nationalism is never completely benign. It is always polarising, and it always needs an enemy.

For the SNP, that’s England. For the SNP, that’s Westminster (i.e. the UK parliament).

The SNP plans to invest £40m ($60m, 56m euros) in the scheme which opponents (and I would name myself as part of that number) say, correctly, is nothing more than state-sponsored snooping 



First, they came for the children, and I did not speak out because I did not have a child…

Then they came for the English, and I did not speak out because I wasn’t English…

Effectively, the ‘Named Person’ legislation means my children would have a quasi-guardian -maybe a teacher of some description- whose job it is to determine whether I, a parent, am doing a good enough job. As parents, we make mistakes. None of us do it right, all the time. But we strive to ensure the good parenting vastly outweighs the error-strewn parenting.

Imagine a scenario where one of my children makes a casual remark to a teacher about our naturist holidays. Imagine that teacher -the named person- doesn’t understand the concept of social, family naturism. Imagine, more than that, they’re religious, and sees the body as a thing of shame. Imagine, then, they inform the authorities and my children are taken from me (however briefly) because someone who is not part of my family, who is part of a social engineering experiment (because that’s what it is) has their own body hang-ups or, worse, religious conviction.







Some mothers can’t breast feed. Some children’s talents lie in the creative & artistic, more than they do ‘sporting’ activity. Some children’s talents lie in the sporting, rather than ‘cultural’. Who determines what’s ‘cultural’? Singing songs about Bannockburn to foster Scottish nationalist ideals?

If my child is getting bullied, does the ‘Named Person’ have precedence regarding resolution more than I do?

If confronted by ‘substance mis-use’ within their network of friends, doesn’t it rather point at the presence of substance abuse within an under-18 crowd showing that the Named Persons legislation has already failed?



Former SNP leader Alex Salmond practices his goose-stepping.


‘All 10 year olds into….the SNP Youth?’



Similarities? The odal rune of the Volksdeutsche and the SNP logo.

The Named Person scheme must be opposed. And stopped.




2 thoughts on “‘Named Person’ scheme

  1. Ella, I live in Scotland. I am neither British or European but my home is here. It is here by choice and while I may agree with you on the Named Person legislation, as well as some other SNP (that’s Scottish NATIONAL Party, not NATIONALIST party) policies I am a supporter though not a member. Having been a total outsider looking in I can see where the SNP, in spite of their shortcomings, is the only political party with the people of Scotland, rather than London, at heart.

    I am not in Second Life to argue politics, especially hate politics. Your likening the SNP to fascism, however, goes beyond the pale and shows only that do not know what they are about. You cannot get that knowledge reading right wing newspapers, or any newspaper for that matter. You need to be on the ground conversing with your neighbors, and not just those in the upper middle-class neighborhoods who are perfectly fine to let the current UK government slowly and meticulously strip away the dignity of those less fortunate such as those who cannot afford one, much less two holidays a year to the continent. One of your statements likens the SNP with “far-right, racist, homophobic” organizations. Take a hard look at the current UK leadership and its far right stance on immigration and other issues.

    Regretfully, in my opinion, the SLN has lost it’s footing and is no longer a blog about a lifestyle that I respect and enjoy. For that reason, Ella, I feel that I can no longer support SLN. It is no longer a Second Life Naturist blog.

    • Fair enough, Gray. My SL doesn’t exist in isolation. It is informed by the real world (one reason why we flip backwards and forwards between the real and the virtual, why we ‘replicate RL in SL’ on occasion). And my concerns regarding the SNP and its policies can’t be laid aside and removed from my game play. Yes, you’re right to some extent: SLN isn’t purely an SL naturist blog any longer, because we -people who enjoy the naturist lifestyle- are constantly under threat (albeit not exactly in a life-threatening manner) to enjoy our lifestyle without outside, ignorant interference, which is what the Named Persons scheme may well do. I have to oppose that as a parent, a naturist, and someone opposed to the SNP. Which is my right. Not a right SNP bully boys were affording to those who supported the Union in last year’s independence referendum.

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