Celebrating women’s bodies.

The September issue of a magazine called ‘Women’s Health UK’ features a spread in which various people, sportswomen and celebrities (famous for being famous) celebrate their bodies while posing nude.



The entire piece is under the umbrella of women being body confident and I have to say that it’s nice to see one or two who don’t subscribe to the usual depiction of ‘perfect’. Regardless of shape or size, we -men and women- are all perfect, and this is a message that needs to be got across more in the media.

The same beauty myth peddled by the media also exists, a lot of the time, in SL, with avatars minded or persuaded to be ‘beautiful’ within the strict confines of a health & beauty industry lie.



The only one of my SL friends who bucks this trend is Zof, who confesses that she’s ‘big boned’ in RL and, having tried subscribing to a thin her in SL found it was ‘living a lie’.

‘Like me for who I am, not what I look like’ is what she says in RL, and found that it’s the only way to live her SL. ‘Why friend someone who is projecting some unrealistic ideal onto your avatar. I would be being false. I decided to adopt an avatar that reflects my true size and shape. If people don’t like that, don’t want to talk or be friends, it’s fine by me. As a result I think I’ve got a very real set of SL friends’.




Good afternoon, all.

I’m disappointed to say that I’m just back from my annual naturist vacation, which was taken this time out in CHM-Oltra, part of the Cap D’Agde experience.

oltra web photo


The photo (above), is a web photo, but I took some of my own at the very same location. Of course, I’ve managed to re-tool these for SL purposes.

howie oltra_001b

howie oltra2_001b


We had a great time, managed to miss most of the more ‘sordid’ elements of the Cap, and can’t believe it’s another 50 weeks until we get another naturist vacation! At least we have photographs and memories.



Surf Bum

dick surf bum_001b_Fotor


Surf Bum

If surfing is your thing, I suggest you try Cloud Nine Beach. I was over there with my friend Dick, who is an experienced RL surfer and he described the virtual version as ‘fun, fun, fun’. Beach Boys fans look away now. 🙂

dick surf bum2_001b_Fotor


Cloud Nine does come up as a ‘naturist’ sim in search. We were the only ones there, so I’ve no idea just how much or how little the sim readily embraces naturism, but we gave it a shot anyway.

dick surf bum4_001b_Fotor

dick surfbum6_001b_Fotor


dick surfbum7_001b

dick surf bum3_001