Good afternoon, all.

I’m disappointed to say that I’m just back from my annual naturist vacation, which was taken this time out in CHM-Oltra, part of the Cap D’Agde experience.

oltra web photo


The photo (above), is a web photo, but I took some of my own at the very same location. Of course, I’ve managed to re-tool these for SL purposes.

howie oltra_001b

howie oltra2_001b


We had a great time, managed to miss most of the more ‘sordid’ elements of the Cap, and can’t believe it’s another 50 weeks until we get another naturist vacation! At least we have photographs and memories.



4 thoughts on “CHM-Oltra

  1. Welcome back and glad you had a great time. Great holidays are so rare.

    I have never been to that part of the world but hope to very soon.
    What do you mean by sordid elements at Cap?


    • I can’t speak for Howie, but I’m guessing (and I’ve written about this too) is the way in which Cap D’Agde has moved from being naturist to being a haven for exhibitionists, voyeurs, and those interested in partner-swapping. The entire Cap isn’t like that, as there are still elements of what we might call family orientated naturism alive and well, but the ‘swingers’ element hold sway nowadays, at least in the minds of the media.

      Here’s a couple of web pages that will give some indication of the atmosphere of (parts of) the Cap.


      • Thanks Ella.
        I have really always wanted to go to Cap, but it always bugs me hugely that they are confusing genuine naturism with sex. It really doesn’t help the cause of our beautiful lifestyle.
        Sex is sex. Naturism is naturism.

        Thanks for the great response!


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