A message from Howie

Hi folks! A quick message. I’ve decided to retire. No, I’m not that age, don’t be cheeky, lol!

howie pam_001b



I’m delighted to say that I received word today that my offer for an apartment in the naturist zone of Vera Playa, Spain -yes, the same place Ella regularly uses, and which I’ve visited in the past on several occasions- has been accepted. I was out there in April and viewed the apartment, but I’d heard nothing, and have subsequently viewed apartments in Cap D’Agde (as recently as last week, which I’d also put an offer on, but have retracted this afternoon on hearing this news). Imagine my surprise when my solicitor rang this morning to say that my April offer had been accepted. I’ll be heading out there in September to sign the paperwork, and will be moving semi-permanently there as soon as I’ve got the keys! 🙂

We (yes, there’s a Mrs. Howie) intend to spend most of the year in our new home, but will maintain our UK home and fly back to Blighty for part of the year.

howie pam_002b

So…a new life and why not a new (and more accurate) SL look? I do maintain a bit of a ponytail in RL. It’s all to do with me trying to grow old disgracefully. 😉 I did maintain a beard, but shaved it off a few days back. But I decided that I should at least update the colour from what was my natural colour, when younger, to my natural colour as it is now. That’s right! Ash blonde! 🙂

I don’t imagine that there will be any apparent impact on the blog. When I move, there may be some interference with my presence while I get an internet service set up, but you, the readers of SLN, shouldn’t really notice any noticeable change other than my having the time to contribute more. Of course, that decision is in the hands of our editor!howie pam2_001b

I’m delighted to be able to be in a position to retire relatively young and, more importantly, fulfil a long-held wish, by both of us, that we could live the naturist lifestyle for a good part of the year. It seems to have some sense of appropriateness that I will be handing in my notice tomorrow, on a Friday, with immediate effect and wow! come Monday be a man of leisure. 🙂


Freed from the constraints of work, Pam (Mrs. Howie, a very occasional SL user) says she may even make more regular appearances in the game.

I can’t begin to convey how thrilled we are with today’s news, and the prospect of a new life in Spain.










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