Topless sailing

Many thanks to Caitlin Tobias for pointing out, on her blog, that there’s a Topless Sailing Group. I won’t steal Cait’s thunder by re-hashing her text for consumption here. Instead, click the link and see what Cait has to say.

Naturally, it was something I needed to investigate…

topless sailors

Topless sailors. And bottomless too, it seems…

I was given a HUD, a Cruiser (I wasn’t sure how to rezz this), but found that today’s race’s start point offered a free Nemo boat, which I could rezz, so I hopped onto that, tried to learn the controls (fail!) and took off. Well…I managed in a straight line 🙂 Turning it was something else entirely! 🙂

nude sailing1_001b

nude sailing2_001b

topless sailors2_001b

While I’m not the best sailor in the world, I did find the experience to be a lot of fun, and it’s something I will certainly return to when I’ve more (in world) SL time than I have at present.


4 thoughts on “Topless sailing

  1. My wife and I used to sail our catamaran nude all the time on the warm water lakes we have here. Being harnessed up in the trapeze rig with your naked butt just inches off the water and getting the cool spray from the bow was awesome on those hot days. Other boaters simply waved or gave a honk from their horn when we occasionally encountered them. It was always an awesome experience !! 🙂

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