My purse/handbag



Naked or not, one thing we ladies will never be without at the beach -naked or in swimwear- is our handbag/purse.

Yes, I do have something very similar in RL in which to put the apartment keys, my phone, a few Euros,  and so on.

DDL have this purse/handbag available as a free group gift.





Naked in the rain

One of the most wonderful experiences is to be naked in the rain. While on holiday I’ve swum while the rain has bounced off the water right infant of my eyes, and it does seem to add an extra layer of exhilaration to nude swimming. Similarly, to be on a beach which empties, in seconds, if a shower comes on…it just makes me want to dance naked as raindrops land on me.

ella rain pose4_001b_Fotor

Dancing naked in the rain

CV Design, on the Marketplace, have some very affordable poses that includes this ‘rain’ one, shown above. While perusing their MP store I also saw the next one, below, called ‘Dreams’, and it made me think that there are few of us who haven’t made this pose in the shallows in our lives, just laid back on the sand as the last of a wave ebbs and flows over us.

ella dream pose2_001b


Apple Island

Hugh has just sent me something he’s been working on for part of his day – a portfolio of images from Apple Island, home to Imeka, a store that does numerous poses and some clothing.

Here’s how Hugh describes the portfolio in his own words.

‘I’ve done two shoots there today, a small set featuring Sandra, and set around a small gondola on a lake, and then a number of photos with a stunning redhead called Alison, all around the island. I used the sim’s natural light settings, and all of the poses featured are either from a couple of free group gift sets available in their store, or else are part of the poses that can be found around the island. I found the place to be incredibly photogenic and easy to take photographs in’.



An example of Hugh’s shoot can be seen above, with the remainder viewable on our Flickr page. There are two free group gifts of poses available at the store, one of general stands, and another of ballet poses.

It does look beautiful, doesn’t it?


Aloha Fair


aloha fair ice cream_001b

The Aloha Fair is on, jam-packed with lots of summery goodies. Reader Judy has been over to it and reports that many of the stores displaying their wares are offering L$1 gifts. So I asked her to model what she thought might suit an SL Naturist sort of brief…and here are her selections.

aloha fair riptide bikini wrap_001b


Bikini Wrap: it comes with a (mesh) bikini but hey, we’re SL Naturist, we don’t really have much need of bikinis! 🙂

aloha fair riptide bikini wrap_002b

Sunglasses & Tote Bag. These are separate gifts, each priced at L$1

It appears to be the usual huge, sprawling Fair affair, and Judy suggests she will have missed out many of the stores. But with great summery dollarbies like these on offer, to make your SL summer days look hot, I suggest you tp over there ASAP. I know I’ll be checking it out later on today.