The Lady from L.U.S.T


One of the great pleasures of my life is reading pulp fiction. I go to flea markets, second-hand bookshops, boot-sales and any where else I can imagine to buy (for very little money) pulp fiction novels. My collection now runs to several thousand titles, believe it or not, although the market value might be a few hundred dollars at most.

I love them for their ‘sleazy’ plot-lines (‘she took a quick puff of his reefer and descended into hell’) and of course the ‘sexploitation’ covers. I’ll buy a book based on the cover alone.



What’s better is that they’re ideal for updating in the context of Second Life. The original cover is above, and my (very quickly done) revision, in the context of SL, is below.



I didn’t bother to make my model (Karen) ‘perfect’ in the the frame. I’ve not properly cut her out of her posed shot to place in the cover. It’s very imperfect. I just did this exceptionally quickly (5 minutes) to see if there’s any of you might like to see SL models ‘re-cast’ in old pulp fiction covers. Old pulp fiction, married to new SL models, would very readily work. If you want more, properly done, let me know.




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