Heroes of Naturism : Miley Cyrus

Following on from the post in which I referenced Miley Cyrus, regarding underarm hair, it has only just been brought to my attention, as I touched on in the original post, that Miley has given up the razor elsewhere, with a gallery of shots in ‘Paper’ magazine (is that the same one whose Kim Kardashian’s shots were going to ‘break the internet’?)

Idolator website has reprinted the gallery.



I think she looks great and she’s certainly doing her bit to normalise nudity in wider society.




Vive les naturistes!

The Saudi total family have cut short their trip to France, following protests by locals, including local naturists.

We reported on how a naturist beach close the the family’s holiday residence was being closed for the duration of his holiday, but a petition of 150,000, plus the compromising of the ‘security’ situation (using power and money to trample over the opinions of locals certainly raised the profile of what, previously, could well have been a lower profile bolt-hole) has led to the royal family cutting short their stay in France.


Beaten! By the naturists!

ضرب! الناس عارية!

A rare victory for people-power, I think.