Naked cycling



I saw this photo online and felt I had to replicate it within SL.

There’s many sims, clothed and naked, where bikes are possible to ‘hire’ (rezz) and ride around a sim.

Naked is one such sim.







Ella adds…

Yes, quite apart from obvious things like the World Naked Bike Rides (WNBR), naked cycling is very much a naturist constant. I’ve done this in France, riding through pine woods, a wonderful fresh smell in your nostrils, from the campsite to beach. Some French sites are extensive, and many campers will bring their own bikes and ride them from their pitch to the camp site’s swimming pool or shop, which might be half a mile away. It is an exhilarating feeling!





It is also something of a familiar prop in naturist photography, quite apart from being a fun naturist activity. What’s disappointing is that, WNBR’s aside, and the odd trail in naturist campsites, there’s not enough scope for naturist cycling. We need more of this. I’ll try and investigate naturist cycling possibilities in SL over the coming days. 







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