Nellie embraces FKK

Pah! No sooner do I moan about the lack of vintage clothes than Belle Epoque come up with a classic 1920s styled dress.

BELLE EPOQUE - Nellie [3 Colors]

A free group gift, with no join fee, it’s in three colours and certainly evokes the style just after WW1.

After the horrors of ‘the Great War’, naturism gathered pace in the Weimar Republic of the 1920s, and this dress evokes the times when ‘Nellie’ (or our own models) might have worn such an outfit out to forests beyond Berlin and when ‘fkk’ (freikoerperkultur) was one of those radical lifestyle movements favoured by some. A few pfennigs by train, and a day immersing oneself in the burgeoning naturist movement.



I sincerely hope ‘Nellie’ (or one of our models) finds somewhere she can indulge her newly adopted, radical lifestyle.


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