Wild Swimming

Back in February, we wrote about the growing popularity of ‘wild swimming’.

Rather than go to a local swimming pool, it seems increasing numbers of people are seeking out a new swimming ‘high’ by sourcing waterfalls, pools, rivers and so on in which they can swim in ‘uncharted’ territory, as it were.

Of course, if you’re considering this, also consider the dangers! You don’t know what lurks under dark water, how deep it is, and so on, so if you’re considering this sort of thing then I’d recommend you don’t do it alone, don’t dive in head first, and do take safety precautions. This said, many more ‘wild’ swimming spots are being charted, and its popularity is growing in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

Earlier this week, The Daily Telegraph charted some of the best UK locations for wild swimming, and yes, skinny dipping seems to be part of the appeal to enthusiasts of it.

Long before this blog started, long before I’d ever blogged anywhere, I was seeking out ‘wild swimming’ locations (although I didn’t know it had a name then) in SL. I even still have a number of landmarks of places I could use for a bit of surreptitious skinny dipping!

I still like to find a quiet spot in SL, in a photogenic sim, where I can throw on a swim HUD and splash around in whatever lake or river the sim offers.

katja italy_001b_Fotor

katja italy2_001b_Fotor

katja italy3_001b_Fotor

katja italy4_001b_Fotor


With this in mind, photographer Hugh has taken model Katja to a non-naturist location where she has indulged in a bit of ‘wild swimming’ of her own.


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