A word from the publisher

As Ella’s already told you, we’ll be shutting SL Naturist on September 14th.

The entire thing has been a blast, and far more successful than I think Ella or I imagined. We’ve known each other since the very early days of our respective SLs, which seems a long time ago and some bad skins, hair & AOs away now. Ah! Some of the naturist sims Ella and I have seen, been members of, watched close… By the time we kept turning up at the same ones, night after night, we were chums. 🙂

The blog will remain online after ‘closure’, so if the links work you can still reference them.

I don’t expect to make any further comment on the blog, so I’ll take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us (which means Ella, basically) over the last four years. I just provided a ‘home’ for the writers and threw some money at the avatars so they could best reflect how much fun naturism in SL can be.

As Ella’s already also told you, I expect to launch a new blog towards the end of the year, which will reflect on music-making within SL. Lots of people perform in SL. Let’s profile them. Let’s get their recordings available in the blogosphere. Let’s get those performers in ‘the SL charts’. Let’s present them with gold records…or whatever. That’s my next project. Actually, that was my first project, four years ago, before Ella & I cooked up the idea of SLN.

Sincerely, folks, thanks for supporting Ella in particular over the past four years. We’ve had as much fun as it’s possible to have with our clothes off. 🙂

All that’s left for me to do is grab the (SL & RL) missus, stick some cool jazz (‘Hello, Pork Pie Hat’, if you get my meaning) on the ghetto-blaster just out of shot in the photo and lead her to the surf for some sunset naked dancing.

howie & pam_001b


Be sure to keep enjoying the wonderful SL world we inhabit. It’s a great game, and I think in some ways we’ve only just scratched the surface of its possibilities.

Love to everyone, and see you all around sometime.





Editorial : ‘The End is Nigh’


When we started this blog almost four years ago we didn’t know what to expect. Did we have an audience at all? I can’t remember. Certainly, there will have been weeks where our entire audience was measured in double figures on a weekly basis. Now it gets around 800 per day, and it’s closing in on a total of 500,000 page views. Half a million! We still can’t get over the idea of half a million people clicking in to read what we’ve written, or have such an interest in SL naturism. The blog’s pretty successful in its own way, we hope, and it seems like an appropriate place for us to stop.

Hugh has declared his intention to leave SLN’s ’employ’ soon in order to concentrate on other projects of his own within SL. Harry is unlikely to come back to SLN or SL, and we’ve seen writers come and go when they realise how much work is required to deliver a blog. Sometimes that work takes place at the expense of being in Second Life, sometimes even at the expense of being connected to real life.

I saw this happen when I first started blogging for Emmanuelle’s blog. Once bloggers start chopping and changing, a blog loses momentum. I was more an ‘occasional’ blogger then, but in one way or another I’ve devoted parts of my life to blogging for five years now. 2015 has also seen occasions where what I felt was my firm grip on the editorial reins had slipped. Firstly there was ‘Orgy-gate’, wherein a RL naturist blog got antsy about what they thought was being offered as an unwholesome, unrealistic version of naturism (correct…although with that blog taking a blithe approach to adultery within naturism, it was all a bit pot calling the kettle black). The occasional appearance apart, the whole episode appeared to kill off Diane’s enthusiasm for blogging/photographing. We were doing this for fun, and now others were determining to make it not fun, or to imagine they’d a right to dictate our editorial policy. It left a sour taste.

Then the expression of political views, views expressed because they could theoretically impact on naturism (as well as impacting on real family life), lost us the support of one of our staunchest supporters over the years. So yes, the ‘mistakes’ were slipping in. Once you lose the connection or confidence of an audience, it’s a slippery slope.

It’s time to call it a day.


I’ve given Howie notice of my intention to quit blogging on the last day of my next naturist holiday, September 14th, initially to give him time to install a new editor, but when Pookes declined that position Howie suggested that maybe the time has come for the entire blog to end then too. This seems like a plan, bearing in mind the way Emmanuelle’s blog shuddered and juddered to a messy close. Best to make a clean break of it!

I suppose we could close it now, but it seemed fitting for it to close with a RL naturist holiday ongoing. The blog has always taken its cue from RL naturism, so let’s go out that way…from the warmth of a Spanish naturist beach. It seems appropriate.

We should be around and about the 500,000 views by September 14th. As the blog will remain online we’ll almost certainly go past that mark shortly thereafter anyway. We’ll also be around 1500 blog posts at that point. They, too, were points we considered as to an ‘end date’.

Howie’s original plan was that SLN was just part of various SL-related blogs, and his intention is to launch some new SL Arts related blogging venture in the autumn/winter, probably in the sphere of music (which was the plan for this blog until naturism distracted him).

Pookes was offered (and declined) the Editor’s job, and for the blog to continue as before. ‘Lack of time’ is the reason here, although she says it remains her intention to simply return to SL as it was before SLN, socialising on naturist sims, so you may well see her if you frequent them.

Barbara’s input on the older avatar’s perspective has always been welcome and interesting, but in ‘Neverland’ the older avatar is a rarity, so Barbara has always been something of an occasional blogger.

As for me, I’ll probably be leaving SL entirely, as far as I’m aware at the moment. A growing family & RL commitments, some health-related, mean I’m increasingly pressed for ‘relaxation’ time, and in dire need of ‘relaxation’ time, and what little I have now goes into the blog. I feel it’s time to spend my relaxation time with nothing more computer complex than a Kindle for a while! 🙂 It’s time to leave the computer switched off at night.

I’m not certain I’ll give up on SL completely, but if I do decide to play occasionally what time I do have will be spent in similar fashion to Pookes, just logging in and socialising now and again. I’ve missed that aspect of SL. In a sense, that ‘losing connection’ to the audience partly comes from the fact that I am disconnected from the audience, blogging about them rather than living amongst them. But as of now, I would imagine my years of playing SL will probably come to an end in September too. Life will present new challenges and interests.

Canary Beck has written about niche blogging recently, and what I would say is that if there’s anyone out there who wants to write a blog with some sort of ready-made audience (SL avatars do love naturism in their Second Lives!) and wishes to establish their own naturist lifestyle blog for SL, go for it! Howie & I are agreed that, in those circumstances, our very last post should be to direct our audience to your SL naturism page. 🙂 Go to it! You’ve got about six weeks to get this together, and I know I’d support anyone wishing to write about a very vibrant SL lifestyle and assist in ensuring that SL naturism maintains a presence in the SL blogosphere.

Skin manufacturers, for example, are falling over themselves to have our support in blogging their wares. Being British, brought up on an advertisement-free BBC, we’ve always thought advertising ran counter to our values, so we’ve routinely turned down all offers of links to skin manufacturers, or being at the behest of manufacturers, ploughing our own furrow. But trust me…they want our (your?) support.

So…countdown is commencing! 🙂

I’ll not get into a long list of tearful thanks for now…let’s leave that until I’m wearing a hankie, and not much else, when I make the final posts for the blog.

Tomorrow, it’s back to SLN as you & I know it, but with a knowledge that we’re running down the clock. In a way, it is with a sense of relief that I can say that the clock’s ticking.









Daily Portrait : Introduction

Something I’m following on the internet is ‘Daily Portrait‘, a project wherein one Berliner is handed a camera and takes a photograph of another Berliner unknown to them, then passes the camera on.

The project’s curator, Martin Pavel, says on the project’s website that…The photo shoot takes place at the model’s homes. The whole body is captured on the photo. Those who want can be naked, otherwise in underwear. Photographing is for free. In order to take part you have to be over 18.

I like the idea people being in their natural state, in their natural surroundings, comfortable in their own skin, in their own space.

Well, if you’re in Berlin, haven’t heard of this and fancy trying it…you’ll find an email address on the site 🙂

Martin aims for 365 portraits in 365 days.

The project is on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Flickr.

While we couldn’t possibly commit to 365 portraits and days, I thought we might do our own mini-Daily Portraits projects of avatars in their own surroundings. Seven portraits in seven days! (Eight, actually, as Hugh, who will curate this short series, is kicking it off by posing for illustration purposes on this post).

hugh DP2_001b_Fotor

As with the original Daily Portrait series, Hugh will now get a (female) avatar unknown to him to pose for tomorrow’s photo. Our series thus maintains the same ideals as the original, plus we don’t have a situation wherein the usual models, the usual suspects, are photographed. As with previous posts about niche blogging…isn’t there room for the replication of this type of art project in SL?




Hontouniheart’s thoughts on ‘nakation’

I’m delighted to learn (via Pookes, a member of British Naturism and user of Facebook) that Hontouniheart, friend of SLN, is blogging on the Clothes Free Life website, and her Twitter account is being promoted via British Naturism’s Facebook page.

You can find Hontouniheart’s Twitter page here, and how (amongst other things) ‘I left my a richer person than when I first stepped into it. Still marinating in the glow of an amazing experience‘. Wonderful, positive words indeed! 🙂

You can also read Hontouniheart’s thoughts on her clothes free vacation at Clothes Free Life.


A recommended read from a great, great writer & blogger.




Indian skin

hindola asian skin_001b


I know SLN is now repeating itself with variations on a theme, but SL -as Ella has said on several occasions- would benefit from cultural breadth, both in terms of the sims and the items available for different cultures. Deluxe Body Factory have just issued their August Group Gift, an ‘Asian’ ski called ‘Misumi’ (which makes me think it’s probably intended more as a Far Eastern skin). But my Indian friend Hindola saw this and said that it looked ideal for her, with north Indian origins.

Something skin designers may not know is that, even within India, there are great differences in skin tone (and physique) from north to south. There isn’t one catch-all ‘Indian’ skin as such.

North Indians are descendants of the Aryan race (nothing to do with the Nazi-era European’s definition of ‘Aryan’, incidentally) whereas South Indians are descendants of the Dravidian race. It’s estimated that 72% of Indians are descendants of Aryans whereas 28% are of Dravidians race, with racial differences visible in general appearance. North Indians are taller, stronger, fairer and heavily built when compared to the South Indians, though this is a generalisation, not applicable in all instances.

More to the point, when presented with choice, Hindola immediately parted with the L$199 joining fee for Deluxe Body Factory in order to grab the skin. Presented with choice, people are going to engage with the SL economy too!

Hindola would be a bit critical of the choices offered to her, in terms of skins and clothes. For her, the sari/saree is more of a south Indian dress style, but something we reflexively associate with India and Indians; no sense of geographic difference. She suggests that the north Indian style would be a leaning towards the salwar kameez rather than the sari. (Again this may be a generalisation as opposed to a strict split between the two regions).