Daily Portrait : Introduction

Something I’m following on the internet is ‘Daily Portrait‘, a project wherein one Berliner is handed a camera and takes a photograph of another Berliner unknown to them, then passes the camera on.

The project’s curator, Martin Pavel, says on the project’s website that…The photo shoot takes place at the model’s homes. The whole body is captured on the photo. Those who want can be naked, otherwise in underwear. Photographing is for free. In order to take part you have to be over 18.

I like the idea people being in their natural state, in their natural surroundings, comfortable in their own skin, in their own space.

Well, if you’re in Berlin, haven’t heard of this and fancy trying it…you’ll find an email address on the site 🙂

Martin aims for 365 portraits in 365 days.

The project is on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Flickr.

While we couldn’t possibly commit to 365 portraits and days, I thought we might do our own mini-Daily Portraits projects of avatars in their own surroundings. Seven portraits in seven days! (Eight, actually, as Hugh, who will curate this short series, is kicking it off by posing for illustration purposes on this post).

hugh DP2_001b_Fotor

As with the original Daily Portrait series, Hugh will now get a (female) avatar unknown to him to pose for tomorrow’s photo. Our series thus maintains the same ideals as the original, plus we don’t have a situation wherein the usual models, the usual suspects, are photographed. As with previous posts about niche blogging…isn’t there room for the replication of this type of art project in SL?




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