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I know SLN is now repeating itself with variations on a theme, but SL -as Ella has said on several occasions- would benefit from cultural breadth, both in terms of the sims and the items available for different cultures. Deluxe Body Factory have just issued their August Group Gift, an ‘Asian’ ski called ‘Misumi’ (which makes me think it’s probably intended more as a Far Eastern skin). But my Indian friend Hindola saw this and said that it looked ideal for her, with north Indian origins.

Something skin designers may not know is that, even within India, there are great differences in skin tone (and physique) from north to south. There isn’t one catch-all ‘Indian’ skin as such.

North Indians are descendants of the Aryan race (nothing to do with the Nazi-era European’s definition of ‘Aryan’, incidentally) whereas South Indians are descendants of the Dravidian race. It’s estimated that 72% of Indians are descendants of Aryans whereas 28% are of Dravidians race, with racial differences visible in general appearance. North Indians are taller, stronger, fairer and heavily built when compared to the South Indians, though this is a generalisation, not applicable in all instances.

More to the point, when presented with choice, Hindola immediately parted with the L$199 joining fee for Deluxe Body Factory in order to grab the skin. Presented with choice, people are going to engage with the SL economy too!

Hindola would be a bit critical of the choices offered to her, in terms of skins and clothes. For her, the sari/saree is more of a south Indian dress style, but something we reflexively associate with India and Indians; no sense of geographic difference. She suggests that the north Indian style would be a leaning towards the salwar kameez rather than the sari. (Again this may be a generalisation as opposed to a strict split between the two regions).





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