Sustainable Living

Did you know that SL has its own eco-village, Etopia?

It has always harked back -I feel- to how SL used to be some years ago, with an obvious educational quality to it.

It’s a PG sim, obviously because that educational aspect means that they’re trying to maximise the number of visitors to it. As a result, my final post for SLN (yes, I’m going to bow out now) is non-naturist. However, anyone who regards themselves as a naturist should always have one eye on environmentalism as part of a larger, wider naturism.

Care for the planet, recycling, green politics and sustainability would be elements of the naturist’s natural mindset, and you’ll find aspects of all of those things at Etopia. Please take the time to visit and learn something about the small things we can all do to make a difference.


Education is a major part of what’s on display at Etopia




I have to say that environmentalism is a major part of my life. Whether you’re a naturist or not, these things should be important to you. Recycle and grade your rubbish. Walk or cycle if you can avoid using a car. It’s not got to be about demanding nuclear power stations close and going on a demonstration to the site, or to local government buildings. If we’re all getting the small things right, we can make a difference.

It’s a planet of finite resources and we owe it to future generations to care of it. It’s a naturism bigger than just taking your clothes off.


And that’s me done on SLN. There’s no point in hanging around with diminishing interest as we reach the closure date, so I’ll take this opportunity to thank everyone who commented on my posts, everyone I’ve run into in SL during the course of writing for it, and all of the readership for allowing Ella and I to have the run of our mouths and grab people by the throats when they got their interpretation of naturism (i.e. that it equates to sex) wrong.

Over and out…







S***storm: Help wanted

My post a couple of days ago announcing that, with Ella stepping down, I had decided to close SL Naturist has resulted in me creating something of a considerable s***storm for myself.

I’ve been in SL for quite a long time now, frequented a lot of naturist sims and therefore have a lot of SL naturist friends.

The tone of IMs I’ve received in the past 48 hours from some of them can essentially be boiled down to one general response. ‘WTF are you doing?’

Ella remains adamant that she wishes to quit the position of SLN editor, and hers are considerable mesh flip flops to fill. I’ve taken for granted that the posts would be there, that Ella & Pookes would post, that the standard of writing would be good. Faced with that void, why continue?

hanna and howie3_001b

Filling an empty chair

Can we get someone as committed? Can we get someone with the same standard of English? Can we get someone with the same knowledge of RL & SL naturism? Probably not. But some of you seem to believe that’s no excuse not to try. I’ve already outlined my thoughts of this, that it’s best we go out on top, but some people obviously disagree.

On that basis…


I am making no promises about this. People may not fit the bill. I may decide to still follow my first instinct and close, as planned, on September 14th. As several people have said no, please don’t, and others have expressed a desire to try to fill an Ella-shaped void, I owe it to you to maybe try to see if there’s a suitable replacement out there. The fat lady may not be singing just yet, but my own view is that she’s sipping a honey & lemon drink and practicing some scales backstage.