From Bollywood to Hollywood…the turban

Knowing my desire to see a broader cultural experience, my friend Deepak has pointed me in the direction of Diram, where there’s a free L$0 turban available.

Traditionally worn by Sikhs (Deepak is a Hindu) he nevertheless is always keen to see items that might enhance the Indo-SL experience. ‘Too many SL Desis want to be white’, he grumbles. ‘Be proud of who you are, your culture and heritage!’

deepak turban_001b

Quite right, Deepak! But to do that, designers need to provide a wider range of ‘ethnic’ clothing.

It also struck me that the turban also had a role to play in the entertainment industry, away back in the 1940s or thereabouts…through to the 1960s…


Maria Montez


Lana Turner

vogue 1965 turban

Virna Lisi


Elizabeth Taylor

In and out of the movie world, actresses have previously worn turban-styled headwear as a symbol of chic and sophistication.

anne turban ballgown2_001b

I asked model Anne if she’d model the turban for us, to present a sense of chic and post-war European sophistication for us, but she’s gone one better (goodness, how I will miss asking models to do stuff for me, they’re as mad or dedicated as I am about SL!)

Running down the outfit…the turban, as linked to above, with an Amacci (free) hairbase.

The outfit is the free female ballgown currently on offer at the entrance to Frank’s Jazz Place. (L$0) Includes dress and gloves.

The jewellery, ear rings and necklace, are another free group gift, this time from Pure Poison. Anne is wearing the ‘Hannah’ jewellery set.

And there you have it, 1940s sophistication and glamour for L$0 whatsoever! Yes, I know it’s not naturist at all, but I couldn’t resist blogging the turban due to my desire for a more culturally broad SL, and for avatars to break away from that young, white, slim look that dominates the grid. Variety is the spice of life!


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