I dreamed that…I wore Maidenform/Tiny’s Lingerie

By now, you’re probably aware we like ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ things at SLN, between Harry attempting to recreate 1930s ‘nudist’ vistas and me doing a rather popular ‘vintage’ season last year.

Over the years, ‘Maidenform’ bras have had a long line of advertising that looks quaint, amusing and sometimes sexist to our eyes. Maidenform still continues as a company,almost a century after its foundation in New Jersey.

For many years they had an advertising campaign, the tag-line of which read ‘I dreamed that I…’







Changing times. This magic-carpet wearing mannequin dreamed she went to Bagdad (!) in a belly-dancing styled outfit, with her Maidenform bra forming the top half of her outfit.




I think it’s safe to say that Maidenform aided in the careers of several actresses and pin up girls during and after World War 2.





Pointy breasts were in! And then they weren’t. I suppose the entire concept of pointy breasts disappeared until Madonna revived the idea briefly.

Madonna in the 1990s

To me, they’re a design classic.

There’s just something so stylish about vintage underwear, although it’s not something I think I’d like to wear as some of it looks so uncomfortable. For lovers of this classic style there’s Tiny Markham’s store for some beautiful, vintage and retro lingerie.

I was only dimly aware of its existence. I remember when I worked for Emmanuelle’s blog she blogged quite a bit of lingerie. As I was the new girl with a brief to report on naturism, I’m afraid I was never really paying much attention to what the others were writing; I was only looking after my own bit of the blog. I IM’ed Emma, another one who eventually became exhausted by blogging, although she still plays SL, and asked her for the name of the store, which I’d forgotten and I’ve have no recollection of ever visiting before.

Emma came back with the landmark, and fulsome praise for Tiny. ‘Remarkably helpful. She used to send me review copies and they are marvellous bits of work. I’ve attached a couple of pix of me wearing a bullet-style bra and lingerie set.’

emma vintage lingerie1_001b

emma vintage lingerie3_001b


Armed with the LM, I tp’ed over there and had a look round, found a bullet-bra on display (along with numerous freebies). Yes, Tiny’s store is something unique, and if it’s classic lingerie you’re after, then I’d recommend this long-running store.

tiny larkham_001b




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