SLN’s future: An update

Hello everyone,

It’s my intention to try to keep the blog going. Ella handed over ‘the keys to the kingdom’ last week regarding passwords and items like the photo archive, so it’s me running the show for now. I don’t intend this to be a long-term fix, as I’m hopeful that we’ve got replacements for Ella and Pookes and they’ll take on the day to day issues regarding the blog.

I’ll make the introductions next week and we’ll see how things progress from there.

Ella has declared her intention to fulfil her promise of doing her ‘Postcards from Spain’ series, so expect daily updates from the middle of next week. I’ve also offered her the role of ‘Emeritus Editor of SLN’, with an open invitation to post as and when she feels like it. She hasn’t ruled it out completely, but remains adamant that she wishes to take a break from blogging and I respect that.

My apologies if the usual professionalism is absent. I post so rarely that each time I log into wordpress it takes some time to find the various buttons required to make a posting.



Swaziland’s ‘Reed dance’ tragedy

SLN has reported on Swaziland’s ‘Reed Dance’ before (check the archives). Sadly, a bus crash claimed the lives of 38 young women going to this year’s gathering, and there are some suggestions that the authorities there tried to cover up this tragic event.

When the ladies were writing SLN’s news stories, they would have been openly critical of the Daily Mail’s reporting of it, with the focus on them being ‘topless’ and ‘virgins’ as opposed being dead at a horrifyingly young age. Illustrating this post with a photograph is inappropriate.