Indian Summer

Much of the UK is bathed in wonderful blue skies, bright and warm sunshine in an Indian summer. I’m back in the UK for a week or so before heading off to my new house in Spain, where we’ll certainly spend most of October and…our return’s undecided yet.

It’s great to be out in the garden, nude, while tidying up a bit, while the trees at the bottom of my garden take on their autumnal colours.

howie autumn_001b


So why not return to one of our old SLN memes, ‘SL replicates RL’? Here I am, in avatar form, tidying up some leaves in SL.



Topless Tuesday: We’re back!

venus TT_001b

venus TT2_001b


After a month’s hiatus, we’re back. 🙂

For a while it looked as if we wouldn’t return, but I’m pleased to say that a new editorial team is now in place, they’ve been acquainting themselves with wordpress (and getting out and about in world, as you’ll find out soon).

Things coincided for SLN in a negative way in recent weeks. Ella’s final work for SLN, her ‘Postcards from Spain’ series, didn’t happen due to bad weather, power cuts, floods and what have you while she was in Spain, with no internet connection for much of the time. I also made an error in changing the passwords to the blog, so when she did get online she couldn’t post to SLN anyway. As a result she told me that there wasn’t a lot of naturism involved in bad weather and the week was a wash out. It didn’t seem particularly worthwhile in just posting a couple of ‘Postcards’ so I decided to abandon the idea and move on. I’ve been working with our new crew over the past month, as well as trying to get my own house move finalised, so September was simply lost for different reasons.

So at the end of a month away from blogging, SLN is back, and we’ll slip back into blogging mode with a simple ‘Topless Tuesday’ post. Our next post will be at the beginning of October, and we’re hopefully back with a bang! Thereafter a more familiar posting pattern will emerge. Hopefully I can also slip back into the shadows.