SLN 14 : Editorial


I’m Trine, the new editor of SLN. You can read a little more about me at this page.

It’s a daunting task to take on a well-established and clearly much loved blog. Over the past six weeks I’ve been acquainting myself with WordPress, and also reading every last post (almost 1500 of them!) published by SLN. This has given me a clear indication of editorial policy, and I’m not going to rock that boat too much. Yes, I shall try to put my own stamp on it, but for much of the blog it will be ‘as you were’.

One of Ella’s final posts seems to have been a promise to Teresa, owner of ‘Naked Dreams’, to do a post on the place, so I’ve made it one of my first tasks to deliver on that. You’ll be able to read about that elsewhere in SL Naturist Issue 14.

Eagle-eyed followers of the blog will notice that Ella’s final magazine was Number 12. There was no way I was commencing my time at SLN with ‘Issue 13’, so I’ve skipped that and moved onto Number 14. I’m hoping to make the ‘magazine’ element of it quarterly, roughly in line with the changing of the seasons. We’re a bit late for the Autumnal Equinox, but consider this to be our Autumn/Fall edition. Issue 15 should therefore be with you around Christmas.

In between the quarterlies will be other posts as you’ve been used to seeing up until now. I’ll be trying to get around many of SL’s favourite naturist locations in person in the coming weeks.

trine and abi naked dreams_001b

Abi (left) and Trine (right) at Naked Dreams

I’ll be aided by the lovely Abi in the task of keeping SLN alive. We’ll make mistakes. Be gentle with us 🙂


SLN 14 : Freebie round up

As certain items have previously been blogged as part of a ‘naturist wardrobe’ we felt that it was an element we’d like to retain ‘under new management’.

abi cap & boots_001b


R2 Fashion is currently offering a free cap (in a military style) in both black and white. I thought it looked cool, so I paired it with a pair of thigh highs for a look. It’s maybe a little more fetish/militarist than naturist, but it’s free at R2. Join the group, also free, and grab both colours of cap.

Over at Le Muguet, there’s a free group gift to celebrate 150 members, a dress with butterflies attached, but their other group gift grabbed me more.

abi muguet_001b

It’s a lacy dress thing that, naturist or not, would surely turn heads worn out to dinner.

I’ll try and blog more freebies as Trine and I put our own stamp on the blog.



SLN 14 : Artisanna Tattoos

I received a message from Arthur Wingtips, owner of Artisanna Tattoos, during our break, reminding me that SLN posted on one of Artisanna’s products away back in June.

Arthur tells me that his store is going from strength to strength, and that there are now numerous group gifts available (L$o). I’m not a tattoo wearer, but I got one of our models to head over there and pick up the male gift, one called ‘No Evil’, modelled below and really best observed on a naturist (or naked anyway) avatar.

howie artisanna tattoo no evil back_001b

howie artisanna tattoo no evil_001b


I do really like that skull & sword design on the back.

I’ll now hand you over to new assistant editor Abigail and let her describe the wide range of female gifts available.


zina milky way tattoo_001b

Milky Way tattoo (above)

zina root of life_001b

Root of Life tattoo, front and back detailing, above and below

zina root of lifeback_001b


There’s a range of female tattoos at Artisanna as free group gifts. I won’t show them all, but pick out a couple that I particularly liked. The top one worn by our model is called ‘Milky Way’ (top photo) and the second is called ‘Root of Life’ (middle and bottom photos with front and back detailing. I’m confident I’ll certainly be teleporting over to Artisanna to pick up these free group gifts. Watch out! I may be wearing them in future posts.


SLN 14 : Heroes of Naturism : Teresa Korhonen

Tess reminded Ella of the work she’s done over the years as part of SL’s naturist community towards the end of her tenure as editor and Ella promised she’d ‘fix that’.

SLN have covered Tess’s work before, with Harry exploring her Naked Dreams build, and Pookes subsequently re-visiting it.

But why not time for another update?

I have to say that Naked Dreams has been one of the absolute joys of my taking over as editor as it was somewhere I’d never explored before. Of course I’ve visited Eden Naturopolis, but I’d never taken that boat ride from the main Eden sim to Tess’s Naked Dreams. I’m happy to be correcting that in this post, as one of my first acts as editor.


naked dreams1_001b

Welcome to Naked Dreams

naked dreams2_001b

naked dreams4_001b

Trine in front of, and in, the church at Naked Dreams

naked dreams5_001b

Panoramic view of Naked Dreams

naked dreams7_001b

naked dreams8_001b

Trine is joined by Dick at a social area on Naked Dreams

Abi also took the ‘scuba tour’ at Naked Dreams, an experience that has also been enjoyed by 60,000!!!!!!!!!!! other avatars since it was opened.

naked dreams abi_001b

naked dreams abi6_001b

naked dreams abi7_001b

naked dreams abi10_001b

She has this to say about it.

‘Quite simply, one of the most remarkable experiences of my Second Life. Tess has produced something that is simply awesome, and I’d encourage every avatar in Second Life to do this scuba dive at least once.’

I can’t argue with that. I did it too, but didn’t even bother with the camera, so wrapped up was I in the experience. When Second Life is this good, it beats any other computer game/virtual world experience that your computer can offer. The entire thing is awesome, and I’ve no problems in making Tess my first ‘Hero of Naturism’.


SLN 14 : ‘Second Life made me a naturist’

Should you have the good luck misfortune to run into me in Second Life, you’ll find out very quickly that I’m chatty, and instigate conversations rather than simply sitting back. I’ve been out and about in some of the naturist sims recently, stopping and saying hello to several of the avatars I’ve met.

While I’ve undertaken several naturist holidays in real life, naturist sims haven’t been somewhere I’ve particularly gravitated towards in Second Life for the reason that I’ve always found much more to do than just exist around naturist sims.

I do like to dance. I can just as readily be found at a sim like Frank’s Elite Jazz as I can at a naturist sim -until recently. Yes, if there was some sort of well populated dance at a naturist sim, I would certainly attend and have no problems getting stripped down to my pixel birthday suit. Equally, I would also be found shopping for new, exciting ball gowns to wear at Frank’s.

trine hattusa_001b

I guess that’s going to change a bit now that I’ve taken on my new role. 🙂

While on my travels I ran into male naturist avatar Malachi at Blue Lagoon, and I got chatting. Malachi admitted to me that he was barely aware of naturism when he joined Second Life. ‘Sure, I knew of nude beaches, but as a community and lifestyle, no. I had no idea’.

Being introduced to a naturist location by a girlfriend, he admits it ‘seemed weird’ taking his clothes off in a social setting, even in Second Life. ‘I suppose it’s like real life. Taking my clothes off in my apartment with Second Life girlfriends is OK but outdoors in a public sim was strange. But I liked the social element of it. So I became a Second Life naturist.’

A year later, he was so consumed by the idea of the naturist lifestyle that he embarked on a naturist holiday. ‘My girlfriend then wasn’t so keen. We finished with each other because I got drawn into real world naturism. Second Life made me a naturist, hahaha! Fortunately my new girlfriend is much more accepting of naturism and seems to enjoy it as much as I do. We’ve been on several naturist holidays together.’

mal and trine_001b

mal and trine5_001b

Malachi and Trine at Blue Lagoon



SLN 14 : The End…for Ella.

Well…that’s that then.

I hadn’t planned on making it a big thing, just signing off as usual, but Trine & Abi suggested I had to say something.

Sorry the ‘Postcards’ didn’t happen at the beginning of the month. The weather was dire in Spain, the worst I’d ever encountered there, and it knocked out street lights…power…the internet.

This was Adre, just along the coast from where we were, at the beginning of September.

In no particular order, thanks to Pookes, to Barbara, to Howie, and to some of the other bloggers who came and went but contributed when here. Apricot, Anna, Pierre, Areola & Geoff. To photographers Harry, Hugh and Diane, who illustrated the blog posts brilliantly and to Jim, the oft-mentioned, rarely-seen ‘Mr. Keng’. I could never have done it without their input. Little did I know when we were planning this, thinking about this, probably just about four years ago, where it would lead, and the special SL friends and RL friends who made it all happen. I’d also like to thank Brenda at Eden for the in-world office space provided, and to Gray for doing the same at Su Casa.

It’s good to see that the blog will continue, and just not stop here. I’d encourage all of you who read SLN to get behind Trine and Abi and ensure the blog continues to thrive.

And that is that, then. Yes, many of you who have met me in my role as editor and are in my friends lists will see me check in from time to time. I don’t anticipate a return to SLN, but SL is part of my ‘down time’ so it’s likely that it will continue as time permits. I’m not sure how that will play out in the future because…the real reason for me quitting is…I’m three months pregnant 🙂 No, I’ve no idea how that happened either 😉 Unplanned, but we’re thrilled.

ella sunset_001-001b



SLN 14 : Introducing Trine

Hello everyone.

I’m Trine (it’s a pet name from Katrina, and it’s pronounced ‘Treen’).

It feels like a daunting task to take on the position of co-editor of SL Naturist, a highly successful SL lifestyle blog of the past almost four years. I have been a reader for much of its lifetime, and I was disappointed to learn that it was closing. When Howie offered the chance to reprieve it I felt I had to at least apply for a role as I would have been sorry to see it go.

I’m single, another Brit at the controls, of indeterminate age, and yes, I’m a naturist at home and abroad. I belong to a sun club in the north of England, and take naturist holidays all over Europe.

If we do get to speak in Second Life, I’d appreciate if you didn’t press me for any other real life details. I keep my SL & RL separate.

trine nude_001b


trine nude back_001b


Yes, I’m also a redhead in RL although I do like to change hairstyles and colours regularly, so don’t always expect to see me as a redhead for however long I’m editor of SLN. And yes, the small Chinese back tattoo is also a nod in the direction of real life, something I got done when I was 18 and regret now. I’m actually researching right now on how best to have it lasered off.

I’ve been in Second Life for a number of years, and I confess that I’m a bit of a shoe, lingerie and hairstyle collector. I don’t imagine that will change enormously now, so do expect to see squeals of delight whenever shoes, lingerie and hair, in particular, is available!

Enough of me. Let’s press on with this, the latest issue of SLN.








SLN 14 : Introducing Abi

Having asked for a role within SLN, I’m not sure what to write about myself, hahaha.

I’m Abigail, or Abi, as I prefer, and I’m originally from the north of England, although I now live in the English midlands. Yes, I’m a member of a naturist club and I do take naturist holidays, so I hope I tick all of those SLN boxes.

I guess that we’ll probably get to know each other in the coming weeks and months, so I won’t force the matter of a ‘get to know you’ post right now.



What I will say is that, just like Trine, I’m a regular changer of skins & hairstyles, so there won’t be one fixed Abigail style. Looking through some old photos I took, this one is at Eden Naturopolis a year, maybe more, ago, and it’s a totally different look to how I am now.

I’m actually a little worried that I might go missing from SL Naturist next time the ‘Hair Fair’ is on, hahaha!