SLN 14 : Artisanna Tattoos

I received a message from Arthur Wingtips, owner of Artisanna Tattoos, during our break, reminding me that SLN posted on one of Artisanna’s products away back in June.

Arthur tells me that his store is going from strength to strength, and that there are now numerous group gifts available (L$o). I’m not a tattoo wearer, but I got one of our models to head over there and pick up the male gift, one called ‘No Evil’, modelled below and really best observed on a naturist (or naked anyway) avatar.

howie artisanna tattoo no evil back_001b

howie artisanna tattoo no evil_001b


I do really like that skull & sword design on the back.

I’ll now hand you over to new assistant editor Abigail and let her describe the wide range of female gifts available.


zina milky way tattoo_001b

Milky Way tattoo (above)

zina root of life_001b

Root of Life tattoo, front and back detailing, above and below

zina root of lifeback_001b


There’s a range of female tattoos at Artisanna as free group gifts. I won’t show them all, but pick out a couple that I particularly liked. The top one worn by our model is called ‘Milky Way’ (top photo) and the second is called ‘Root of Life’ (middle and bottom photos with front and back detailing. I’m confident I’ll certainly be teleporting over to Artisanna to pick up these free group gifts. Watch out! I may be wearing them in future posts.


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