SLN 14 : Editorial


I’m Trine, the new editor of SLN. You can read a little more about me at this page.

It’s a daunting task to take on a well-established and clearly much loved blog. Over the past six weeks I’ve been acquainting myself with WordPress, and also reading every last post (almost 1500 of them!) published by SLN. This has given me a clear indication of editorial policy, and I’m not going to rock that boat too much. Yes, I shall try to put my own stamp on it, but for much of the blog it will be ‘as you were’.

One of Ella’s final posts seems to have been a promise to Teresa, owner of ‘Naked Dreams’, to do a post on the place, so I’ve made it one of my first tasks to deliver on that. You’ll be able to read about that elsewhere in SL Naturist Issue 14.

Eagle-eyed followers of the blog will notice that Ella’s final magazine was Number 12. There was no way I was commencing my time at SLN with ‘Issue 13’, so I’ve skipped that and moved onto Number 14. I’m hoping to make the ‘magazine’ element of it quarterly, roughly in line with the changing of the seasons. We’re a bit late for the Autumnal Equinox, but consider this to be our Autumn/Fall edition. Issue 15 should therefore be with you around Christmas.

In between the quarterlies will be other posts as you’ve been used to seeing up until now. I’ll be trying to get around many of SL’s favourite naturist locations in person in the coming weeks.

trine and abi naked dreams_001b

Abi (left) and Trine (right) at Naked Dreams

I’ll be aided by the lovely Abi in the task of keeping SLN alive. We’ll make mistakes. Be gentle with us 🙂


One thought on “SLN 14 : Editorial

  1. Great first issue Trine!! Love the article about Teresa’s Naked Dreams…of course being a resident there, what’s not to love?!? Peace : )

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